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      Tower Lessons
      Suprabha Seshan | On Nature and Environment

      I stand on the tower, a homemade Gothic structure at the edge of a heaving tropical forest, watching the monsoon winds whip in over the hills. A...

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      Letter From A Mother
      Shoo Shoo | A Holistic Education

      When I was young, my mother did not like the schools that were available to us. She was a teacher and so she kept my brother and me at home and ...

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      Education for the Art of Living
      Bill Taylor | A Holistic Education

      How then does Brockwood go about ensuring that this exploration takes place, that a genuine community of inquiry is fostered in the School and t...

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      The Magical Garden
      Suprabha Seshan | On Nature and Environment

      Sometimes it all feels like powerful magic. Weird stuff. Bordering on wizardry and witchcraft. There are for sure strange beings and strange for...

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      The End of Inquiry
      Kinfonet Editorial Board | Editorials

      Today, Krishnamurti is more valued for the philosophical insights that his teachings afford than for the radical transformation that he himself ...

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      What does it mean to be serious?
      Total Freedom | First Talk at Rajghat School, Varanasi, 1955
      If we can begin by considering what it is to be serious, then perhaps our investigation into the whole process of our thinking and responding to th...
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      The Dissolution of the Order of the Star
      Star Camp at Ommen, Holland | August 2, 1929
      The Order of the Star in the East was founded in 1911 to proclaim the coming of the World Teacher. Krishnamurti was made Head of the Order. On Augu...
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      The Core of the Teaching
      Krishnamurti Foundation Trust | October 21, 1980
      The following statement, which contains the essence of the teaching, was written by Krishnamurti himself on October 21, 1980. "The core o...
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      Exploring Silence Retreat
      Dialogue Retreats
      Pietralunga, Italy
      Aug 25, 2018 - Sep 06, 2018
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      The Power Of Now Living In The Present
      Annual Gatherings
      Ootacamund, India
      May 24, 2018 - May 28, 2018
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      Significance Of Living In The "Here & Now"
      Theme Weekends
      Bangalore, India
      Jan 18, 2018 - Jan 21, 2018
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      Featured Interview Answers

      Do you ever feel that you have been conditioned by Krishnamurti's teachings?
      answered by Nigel Wilson
      Of course.. Im not some kind of perfect starchild..
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      Can dialogue - in the sense of sincere inquiry - be organized or can it only come about spontaneously, unprompted?
      answered by Stephen Delk
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      Does the phrase "living the teachings" have any meaning to you?
      answered by Mallikarjunappa Angadi
      living the living has meaning.
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      Manoj Sach Deva
      I hope that we will be able to communicate with intensity and understanding about what really matters in life. Not knowing allows the space for unk...
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      Vipul Singh
      Life is about making a contribution to the world in whatever way one can......And about feeling the oneness which is the base on which everything r...
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      Arhaan Naqvi
      Greetings Arhaan from India , Well the good news is you can read fresh and latest news in hindi on Hind khabar on daily b...
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      Quynh Hoa
      Not thinking except for practical and technological purpose, not believing in any ideal, dogma, ideologie, projections of the mind in the future or...
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