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The Magical Garden
Suprabha Seshan | On Nature and Environment

Sometimes it all feels like powerful magic. Weird stuff. Bordering on wizardry and witchcraft. There are for sure strange beings and strange for...

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The Crucible of Consciousness - A Book Review
Jürgen Brandt | A New Science

The Book

Having an interest in the questions Krishnamurti talked about goes necessarily with an interest into what constitutes co...

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Interpretation Revisited
Javier Gómez Rodríguez | On Dialogue

It would seem that interpretation continues to be a significant issue in the context of the teachings. It is not clear what is to be understood ...

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Philosophy and Ethics in Schools
Reginald Vidler | A Holistic Education


I came upon the teaching of Philosophy and Ethics in schools almost by accident. I had been appointed to teach Music and English...

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Experiencing Dialogue
Jackie McInley | On Dialogue

The main starting idea was to use the guidelines of David Bohm?s On Dialogue: listening, suspending opinions, looking at the movement of one?s t...

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Featured Excerpts

The Urgency of Change | Awareness
Questioner: I should like to know what you mean by awareness because you have often said that awareness is really what your teaching is about. I've...
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The True Enemy of Freedom
Krishnamurti Early Writings | Bombay, India 1928
Inner and outer freedom cannot be separated. Greater than any country is life; and it is only when a country has realised, and adjusted itself to t...
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Ommen Campfire Talks 2
Krishnamurti Early Writings | Ommen, Holland 1926
All wise people, all people who are searching after knowledge, must look about them and contemplate. All things, whether living or non-living, are ...
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Upcoming Events

Exploring A Total New Way Of Leaving
Dialogue Retreats
les plans-sur-bex, Switzerland
May 20, 2019 - May 26, 2019
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Yoga & Inquiry: Whole Body Listening
Theme Weekends
Ojai, United States
Feb 22, 2019 - Feb 24, 2019
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Can There Be Goodness In Laughter?
Theme Weekends
Alresford, United Kingdom
Dec 06, 2019 - Dec 08, 2019
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Featured Interview Answers

How do you strike a balance between healthy doubt and ready acceptance in investigating Krishnamurti's proposals?
answered by Jim Mc Donough
The knots start to go away when one becomes aware that one is both sides of ones own self the positive side and the negative side
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Do you think Krishnamurti was exceptional, or is the transformation he spoke of universally accessible?
answered by Daniel Brady
He is exceptional. I cannot know if the "transformation" is accessible and if I know, it is not accessed.
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How do you strike a balance between healthy doubt and ready acceptance in investigating Krishnamurti's proposals?
answered by Amitabha Ray Chaudhuri
There should always be an inner search for any doubts and facts. Whenever I approach with an empty mind I try to take a look in totality of the fac...
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Featured Member Statements

Terrence Webster Doyle
I am a former Director of the Oak Grove School. I was personally asked by Krishnamurti to do so in 1984. I had written him a letter saying t...
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Shiva Tirvengadum
I have read a lot of books to find answers to the big questions:What is the purpose of life? Where do we come from? How do we live our life? Then...
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Kieran Barry
Educated,yet streetwise,raised in the melting pot of South Africa, Trying to live fully in the now , little bit of time for future planning, other ...
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Jason Maung Maung
I was born in Pyin Oo Lwin, a beautiful hill station in Myanmar. I am the seventh of eight children of my parents and their only son. When I was ni...
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