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Event - September Gathering In Finland


This is an invitation to friends who are sensitive to the dimension beyond the limitation of knowledge. Let us gather together for the weekend from the 8th till the 10th of September at Mina's home.

The gatherings are likely to begin at around 17.00 o'clock on Friday and end on Sunday afternoon.

There is no specific theme or purpose for the gathering, other than discovering and sharing what is being born, both at the level of energy and of words, when together with open hearts and minds.

The possible significance of the gathering lies in the quality of energy brought about when together. This makes each of us wholly responsible, as in each part lies the whole also.

Energy that does not originate from the world of knowledge is seen as the only whole, and therefore truly fundamental response to the challenge of life.    

If you also sense this urgency for the radical change that the state of the world is fundamentally crying for, please come to share it!

This change is no other than unconditional love.


The foundation for this gathering was laid when three friends, Mina Martini, Mukesh Gupta and Per Götberg, felt together a deep responsibility of continuing to come together -from time to time, in different parts of the world- and explore the challenge of being humans without barriers...although Mukesh is not likely to be with us physically this time.

The gathering will take place in Mina's home. As there is no possibility of accomodating people at home, accomodation will be organised elsewhere for the participants, hopefully free of charge or at a low cost. Any financial participation, for food for example, is voluntary. 

If interested, please write to Mina Martini and Per Götberg in the emails:.  +358(0)504084705 +46(0)702645625


Sep 08, 2017 - Sep 10, 2017

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