Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening
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Event - Testing Out The Teachings


Krishnamurti: But there is great mystery if you go beyond the limitation of thought. But we don’t do any of these things, we don’t test it out, we don’t apply, we don’t eat the food that is put before us.

Our minds are conditioned. Are we aware of this conditioning? Our psychological thought patterns define our everyday perceptions. Image making and projections directly impact relationships and listening. The words we use are pillars in the process that supports conditioning. So, how is it possible for us to explore in dialogue, in relationship with each other, and as conditioned people?

This weekend is an invitation is to come together as friends and inquire deeply in dialogue and retreat: apply our minds as honestly as we can, give all our energy and attention to finding out the truth about ourselves and our human condition.

Words and discussion can give us a limiting sense of being in control and apparently “above” everything. Quite differently, in dialogue, our intention is to listen and engage beyond our comfort zones, beyond our everyday mental protections, and really test out our observations with others. In this field, casual inquiry and conversation does not have the energy to break through the tradition of what we are.

In the very special quality of J.Krishnamurti’s home in Ojai, in an affectionate and relaxed atmosphere – can we listen, apply, test out, investigate and gather energy together to go beyond everyday thinking and conditioning?


Dec 07, 2018 - Dec 09, 2018

1070 McAndrew Rd.
Ojai, CA, 93023