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Event - A Journey Of Self Inquiry: An Exploration Of Conflict In Relationship


Conflict in relationship affects us all, whether we are aware of it or not. During this five-day program we are not proposing a philosophical discussion, or a self management program for conflict resolution. However, what we are proposing is a break from our everyday lives, a stay in this beautiful retreat, rest, walks, meeting new friends and quiet moments – a whole journey into this important question together. In an atmosphere of affectionate and attentive listening to each other, we are offering an opportunity for a deeper moment of dialogue; an exploration into what conflict actually is and how tremendously life is affected by it.

Conflict appears to come and go in our relationships. More often than not, I attribute the presence of conflict to others – it is the fault of people or situations outside of myself and therefore not my full responsibility! But are we missing something with this way of thinking? Do the seeds of conflict reside in us all, in all relationship, individually and collectively; unseen, never-ending? Is conflict woven into the very fabric of our minds and perhaps our whole outlook on life? And can we actually see this as a fact, beyond any intellectual theories and statements?

For those of us interested in exploring this theme and willing to uncover long held assumptions about ourselves and our relationships – we may learn a great deal about who we are and the nature of life as we know it.

“Without understanding the actual, how can you go beyond? You may close your eyes, you may run away to shrines and worship empty images… all that has no meaning without understanding the conflict in relationship. So, the understanding of conflict in relationship is of primary importance and nothing else, for in that conflict you discover the whole process of the mind” J.Krishnamurti


Jan 14, 2019 - Jan 18, 2019

1070 McAndrew Rd.
Ojai, CA, 93023