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Event - 2010 Swanwick, Bc, Canada, Krishnamurti Summer Intensive And Retreat Program: The Birth Of Intelligence & The Challenge Of The Unknown


Come join us for our second 7-day residential study-intensive and retreat program at the Krishnamurti Educational Centre at Swanwick. This fully-immersive Study Program is designed for both College Students and Adults interested in an in-depth penetrating inquiry into the core essentials of Krishnamurti's life-changing teachings.

The emphasis of our work together is to awaken an entirely different dimension of intelligence that Krishnamurti called "insight." Insight naturally awakens when we shift from our unconsciously conditioned "reactive" state of mind to the dynamic state of inquiry, which is the essence of dialogue. Once insight is awakened, the normally hidden operations of the mind become immediately transparent. Within this process of our twice daily in-depth dialoguing together, this dormant intelligence will have the opportunity to flower in our minds.

Swanwick's meditative spaces, where the sea, the distant mountains and the forest harmoniously merge together, offer the unique opportunity to step out of our daily lives.

Sara: "I feel the program is so important for inquiry, understanding ourselves, considering the way the world is today! The way it was facilitated and the affection that grew over the week made a real difference in bringing our inquiry back to each one of us and allowing our own insights to arise. Swanwick also has such beautiful grounds, with it's trails, wildlife, pond and open spaces. The right balance exists in the program for shared inquiry, self-inquiry, nature, reading, meditation and rest. The program provides an opportunity, as Richard has expressed, "to examine the hidden content and structure of our own minds...and the chance to consider a different dimension of existence beyond the thought-based patterns of the mind, of living without conflict of any kind, and of understanding the implications of ending psychological time!"

Please contact Richard Waxberg for further information at or phone: 805 640-0532


Aug 01, 2010 - Aug 07, 2010

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