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Topic: Is 'suicide' a way out of suffering ? Thu, 03 Jul 2014

b teulada wrote: .

b teulada wrote: john Campbell wrote: JC> Why?Because Jumping Jackass said so. FU.

Nice. Where are the famous Forum Guidelines Reports when you need 'em ...

Oh well...

???...FU...Feel Universal. What's wrong with feeling the Universe?

I,m just trying to help, to give help where needed.

After all ,we are connected, we are the

oh well...

Topic: Is 'suicide' a way out of suffering ? Wed, 02 Jul 2014

randall merryman wrote: Ciao. Woops/Dog dam it>>>>>Namaste

Topic: Is 'suicide' a way out of suffering ? Tue, 01 Jul 2014

Jack Pine wrote: And John, I don't have a day job. I've been retired for 16 years, or maybe 17. Mainly I just do tai chi and walk in the mountains and work on my house and yard. Oh yeah and I like going to Europe which I do frequently. Have a nice day John. Ciao

Well now, you do fine when avoiding an intelligent response ,which is expected(avoidance that is). However,not being interested in your ‘Ego Explosion”,guised as a ‘Bio” to cover your fragile nature, I,being the loving soul that I am, wish you luck and that your Yin,may find,your Yang. Chow

Topic: Is 'suicide' a way out of suffering ? Tue, 01 Jul 2014

Jack Pine wrote:

the business

Jumping Jack>>>Then anyone is free to discuss it. Also it is reasonable to say that if you come here to understand K then it is probably best to question your previous conditioning instead of propagating it on the forum.

JC>>Everyone is free ,in my mind, to express themself,I never deny this and in fact believe in questioning it all including Mr., ‘K’,as “K” suggested himself. Stop acting like a pretzel maker.

Jmping Jack>>But you didn't put aside your conviction, apparently, that there is something that actually exists called a soul.

JC>I never actually said that I had a conviction but was using the term in a broader since.,but a narrow minded person would not pick this up. In reference to the rest of your childish nonsense ,its a good idea to feed /nourish a starving ‘soul ’before you ask him to walk.

Jumping Jack>Don't you think that it makes it more difficult to understand what K pointed out if you remain attached to your beliefs, your conditioning.

JC> Why?Because Jumping Jackass said so. FU. Weigh everything very carefully before you ‘jump’ to conclusions,I.m not saying this to you naturally , just us ordinary people. Even K said more than once,don’t believe the speaker,go figure.

jumping Jack>OK, look I take no pleasure in this but it wasn't the Tooth Fairy it was your parents. I'm sorry I had to tell you that, really.

JC>The depth of your attempts at humour is astounding , but keep your day job.

Topic: Is 'suicide' a way out of suffering ? Thu, 26 Jun 2014

Jack Pine wrote:

How quaint! Do you also believe in the tooth fairy? Just wondering

Oh My,My. Considering a persons mental state of being while s/he is suffering a form of depression,perhaps elevating this person to a state of existence that seems above the sum total of a bunch of particles, perhaps ‘dear soul’ could do it,maybe something else, would prove more appropriate. One does not necessarily have to believe in the existence of such, on the other hand its nobody’s business if one does contemplate the possibility of such a thing. After all we are dealing here with helping correct a person’s sad state and so putting aside for awhile one’s ‘selfish’ little convictions may hasten the task. Soul,hmm.,a broad subject.Some classic philosophers believe the soul to be located in some part of one’s body,eg. ,head,chest,stomach (logos,thymos,eros),in this case many may find their in their ass.

There are many concepts of souls or whatever one wishes to name such, and despite neuroscience advances in understanding brain function most of it all remains mysterious.

How ‘quaint’ for someone to believe that they have found the truth,and can now divorce themselves from life.

At least I received a few coin from the Tooth Fairy.

Topic: Is 'suicide' a way out of suffering ? Thu, 26 Jun 2014

Joe Loveys wrote: He'd just think you were nuts.

He'd just think you were nuts.

And perhaps he had hit the nail on the head,although bent a little.

One who thinks that a life that may be drifting through a psychological,spiritual darkness,with senses numbed and soul that may be battered to meaninglessness,will suddenly change,as if like a mechanical switch on a wall gives forth light, may find it helpful to check the depth of his own soul. A broken yardstick should do . What a soul in such a state of being needs is a touch of love,warmth,hope,tenderness, a shoulder a hand,two hands, a place to cry and maybe try again. One could assume that the furthest thing desired would be a philosophical bromide.

Keep in mind that it is the present state of soul at hand here.

Topic: Is everybody totally conditioned? Wed, 21 May 2014

Joe Loveys wrote:

I believe I am totally conditioned but I don't really see it.

JC>>>>Well, This is perhahahaps like looking into a mirror and seeing nothing. It might be a good idea to reflect upon this immediately . Some conditioning is just fine, air conditioning for example. I conditioned my motor bike last week,now it is running quite well. Conditioning oneself on a daily basis is a fine idea,good for the physical well being which in turn aids one;s mental attitude. Keeping with the physical for a moment,it seems like a good idea to have a healthy diet, as,paying attention to what you eat ,is,healthy conditioning ,and,this off course,begs the question; with what should one feed one;s mind . Hmmm,food for thought. Now I think I will go and condition my toe nails, No big deal, Their just ruining my socks.

Topic: Is everybody totally conditioned? Tue, 20 May 2014

Joe Loveys Canada 59 posts in this forum Offline There's no doubt we're very heavily influenced by many things, which apparently makes the mind a result. If this is so, it explains a lot of human behavior. (behaviour)

Is there a part of us which is not touched by influence? I guess this was among the many questions K. asked.

JC> We all are influenced by evolution before we begin. Brain chemistry will influence various drives and these will in turn help you survive. Dopamine for example ,as a neurotransmitter ,will send signals to other nerve cells, and one of its main functions is to get you off your but ,maybe to go catch a rabbit (the reward) so you survive. Nowadays however,the reward may be misconstrued and you may reward yourself with a drug overdose. It’s purpose is to get you moving,what you do afterword's, nature does not give a hoot,it’s jobs done. This is one of our major problems in todays societies ,understanding the brains function,meaning we have a long way to go and a lot of energy to spend in pursuit of our own meaning. There are many obvious things that need to be dealt with,politics,education and so on but to think that we know enough or that have the ‘final solution ‘ ,the answer etc.,etc. would be a terrible mistake,as many a war has already proven. So sure, we are influenced ,sometimes quite heavily as you suggested.One may be influenced in a good way,which is a fact,or in a bad way,which is also a fact. The main thing,perhaps,would be to ,as much as one is able to,negate the bad and pursue the good,or at lest the better,then maybe we will arrive somewhere nice . A pound or an ounce,everyone counts. GO GO GO.

Topic: Order Sun, 18 May 2014

pavani rao wrote: How is life ?

Hey Pavilova, Just fed the sparrows and now doing some art. I,m taking portraiture this year. I blew the dust from one of K's books last week and thought about you and so I tuned in for a peek. Still alone,havn't seen Sly.since last summer. I,m enjoying the book and even though not agreeing with a lot of it my mind remains open,as always. Sly went up to Ottawa last year for a hunger strike against the 'carbon people' ,she is quite the determined activist. How are you all?

Topic: Order Sun, 18 May 2014

randall merryman wrote: . He was more concerned with selling stuff (he's a self promoter extraordinaire) than the fine art/craft of woodworking.

Looks like he was crafty in other ways (lo),probably sold used cars on the side.

Topic: Order Sun, 18 May 2014

randall merryman wrote: Do you prefer rosewood or ebony? ;)

Hi Randy; They are about the same hardness so either one. I once had a guitar made with rosewood, and it had a nice rich sound.

Topic: Order Sun, 18 May 2014

randall merryman wrote: What if I don't currently have the skill-set to make a cupboard? isn't selfless thought required to aquire the necessary information

Hey Randy; I built a cupboard last year, I put all of my good thoughts there. I will build you one if you like. A cupboard for your thoughts.

Topic: Order Sun, 18 May 2014

pavani rao wrote: I wonder if you are all familiar with home sparrows

JC >>>Hi Pavi-lovenest, I have a little house sparrow nesting under my windowsill. As spring is a rough time here for birds, I put a little food out each day ,and even if the much larger blackbirds get the most of it, the little guys manage to grab enough for a good dinner. As for the (we ones) in the thick of our evolutionary journey, life has become extraordinary complex, which neuroscience makes quite evident. Nature seems unconcerned with us and so it becomes a given that each of us in our own way try to resolve the problems that we have created and still are creating.

Topic: Life & Living Fri, 31 May 2013

pavani rao wrote: the journey .

pav>>. Isn't it a great pity to have lost them completely in the hands of the money suckers


Hi Pavla, Well the battle is never finished so long as some are able to fight,putting aside ideals,beliefs,whatever, momentarily,when action begs.By some large chance, I met an old friend while having a pizza in downtown Toronto, and she,a very politically active person ,was able to talk me into helping with the artwork, (posters etc.,) for an upcoming march against a proposed pipeline that the money suckers plan to run trough this area .She was also part of a protest on the west coast last year (an attempt to save some big trees etc.),an attempt to keep things in balance,or at least to prevent them from becoming uncontrollable. John Muir would be proud of her (lo),and I agree with you that the great efforts of some very foresightful folk has already preserved a large part of this precious earth,maybe even k’s place in Cal. :---)). I just finished reading a bit of history on the sacred wisdom of the American Indians, everything was sacred to them: “Knowledge was inherent in all things.The world was a library and its books were the stones,leaves,grass,brooks and the birds and animals that shared,alike with us, the storms and blessings of the earth....”Luther Standing Bear.Lakota tribe.(from the book) One perhaps to be mindful that these people roamed the very area that you are now visiting, for tens of thousands of years, without disrupting its beauty nor its purpose. Ok about the lofty Himalayan region back home. My daughter told me of her adventure there and the beauty of it all.She spent half a year there and explored China,Mongolia,Tibet ant the base camp of mount Everest which she was planning to climb,plus many other places She did do Kilimanjaro , but I think it was at another time(plus another country). Woops,time to grab the motorbike and shoot downtown,I,m almost late. Not much time for the Forum lately, just a few minutes here and there to get enlightened by Randy and the ‘gang’ (lo). Thanks for sharing your adventure Pavi.

Topic: Life & Living Fri, 31 May 2013

Ravi Seth wrote: India 872 posts in this forum Offline

i thought it was a k site and not something to improve one's writing skills which despite the effort remain a kindergarten stuff.


Topic: Life & Living Thu, 30 May 2013

pavani rao wrote: pavani rao India 318 posts in this forum Offline

Experience of a life time

Experience of a life time

Hi Pavi, Well that’s sure an adventure you are having there on the west coast of California,it’s quite a place. I well remember doing the mountains and valleys of British Columbia,Canada,just up the coast a bit,and also the many Gulf Islands in that area.Those large trees that you mentioned are also present in BC and are quite awesome to witness and a total joy to trek through. Actually in my dads day they were much taller here but were totally unprotected from the money suckers.but still,of the remaining, some go around 300 Hope the rest of your adventure is just as exciting.Watch out for the fires. :—)) --->and the forest spirits<---((----:

Topic: Difference between being absorbed and attention? Fri, 24 May 2013

anish leh wrote: eating and talking

Thumb_o anish leh United States 91 posts in this forum Offline Arivalagan S wrote: We were not eating and talking like robots.

anish...Aware of eating and the coversation isn't 'awarely eating

j...Try this. Different senses may work simultaneously. While typing these thoughts to you,and tasting,and smelling, These beautiful strawberries that I see in front of me,and feeling Some of the juice that dripped between my fingers, And feeling happy about it all, Who cares?—:)

Topic: Truth,Reality and Intelligence Thu, 23 May 2013

G M wrote:

randal patrick wrote: Any comeing to agreement is knowledge based comfort/security.


Your observation is correct, it is a kind of 'intellectual' knowledge.G.M.

j... It is comforting that you agree-:--))

Topic: Difference between being absorbed and attention? Sun, 19 May 2013

Dean R. Smith wrote: drug user

Jack Pine>Little early to be drinking there isn't John? Dean Smith>Oh, sorry. It's the Canadian drunk, not the English drunk. Ruck Kline>LOL..well maybe they might stick to smoking the evil weed and become transcendent like brother Randy(a.k.a.the ladies man)...:)

JC> I am setting here,with a very fine coffee, Enjoying a very interesting,stimulating book, The only drinks here are tea,pop,&coffee, I do not smoke anything, I do not do drugs, I eat intelligently , I am in great condition, I don’t need Viagra.

It’s obvious,to anyone here ,possessing intelligence, That your collective ability,when put to test, Is the ability to stoop,to name calling, And,even at this simple level of thought, You do poorly.

A little poking about is sometimes fun,but, This level of,gangly, derogatory comment,is, Unacceptable, to me.

The moderator might not be to happy,if, I asked you to fuck off,So, I am telling you,to, Fuck off.

Topic: Difference between being absorbed and attention? Sat, 18 May 2013

randal patrick wrote: Did K point out that you and dean and rick should degrade people, in his name? Some understanding.

JC>>Don't be bothered by it Randy. When you hear foghorns, It always means fog, Thick,dull,stupid fog, The total extent of the grey matter, Present.

Topic: Difference between being absorbed and attention? Sat, 18 May 2013

Jack Pine wrote: What

What is , What are , to what ...wawawa....

JC> Hmm..grinding teeth again?Careful,don’t blow a tire. If thinking gives you a headache ,well that’s understandable, Its not for everyone. Seems that you and your buddies have left orbit, Once you have left, There is no coming back.

But wait a minute,you said, Hope is death,and then said, Hope is the future,so then, Maybe you will return, Like Jesus

Ah,the Sun's out, click. Zooooooooooooom

Topic: Difference between being absorbed and attention? Sat, 18 May 2013

Jack Pine wrote: confused

JC> Time is contiguous. The present is unattainable. Some consider ‘now ‘as present. So Now ,let’s hope,the past has prepared you, Now, that you are, hopefully, entering the future.

‘K’, said something like,don’t parrot him, think for yourself,well something like that. ‘K’ is not a God to me,I read him with some interest. I,m quite comfortable in my own skin.

Topic: Difference between being absorbed and attention? Fri, 17 May 2013

Jack Pine wrote: Hope is death

ohn Campbell wrote: You still have 00.00001% of hope left.

pine>>You seem to be saying that like it's something to hold on to. Hope is death. It is another escape

JC>>>Wrong>>> . Hopelessness is death.No spark.No flame.Nothing.

Some would snuff the candle's flame on a child’s first birthday.

Thus,leaving the child in darkness.

Topic: Difference between being absorbed and attention? Thu, 16 May 2013

B Teulada wrote: i am sure 99.99999 % of all the things i am inclined to get involved in are escapes, possibly even

You still have 00.00001% of hope left. Remember the mustard seed. :-)

Topic: Difference between being absorbed and attention? Thu, 16 May 2013

Timothy Orr wrote: looking.

as I was showering. I was thinking deeply about something and then suddenly awakened from that and realized that during that brief time, the self; the sense of "me" was completely absent. Then I snapped out of it and realized what had happened. My sense of............ 'flow'of the moment

JC> Is it really anything other than drifting with thought,like thinking of a woman you like,or friends you will soon see,a journey? Flow of the moment? Flow of the shower? A waterfall? Or resting by a babbling brook ,your mind drifting towards the eddy, that sweet place where everything is at peace for a moment or two. Personally I love the feeling,the mind ,has a mind of its own.

Topic: idea of building a new k website Thu, 16 May 2013

Arivalagan S wrote:


6 posts in this forum


The discourse here seems very irrational, There must be a reason ( ) for it

If your doing a dissertation for Ph.D in psychology......stick around.

Topic: k, as I see Fri, 03 May 2013


It seems ,with regard to the ‘recommend ’button,that there is an unhealthy fear of democracy present here,disparately tripping over itself,trying to understand exactly what ’it’ is afraid of. One part ‘crying’ division, the other sulking that it maybe alright if ‘I’ deem it so, or your opinion can never be welcomed here. Hope your lipsticks have good flavours

Topic: k, as I see Mon, 29 Apr 2013

randal patrick wrote: if everyone has it, how can it be a disorder? The dis order arises with the unreasonable expectation of something else.

So,..everything's back to abnormal)

Topic: k, as I see Sun, 28 Apr 2013

randal patrick wrote: . Talk about a recipe for a lifetime of psychological suffering....

j...Randy,are you suggesting a

pathopsychologal delusional disorder?:-)(

Topic: Using Words To Hurt Another Thu, 25 Apr 2013

aurelien b32 wrote: So, what is the original issue ?

Check it out,you issued it.

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