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Topic: Or Mon, 06 Aug 2012

lidlo lady wrote: Paul Davidson wrote:

The human mind cannot function alone. It is a continual product of relationship. Can it understand that relationship? That is the question, marooned or not

It seems that you have answered your own question.

Topic: Or Mon, 06 Aug 2012

lidlo lady wrote: What would you come to understand about humanity if you could survive and thrive without the assistance, resistance, or presence of anyone else?

For sure,keeping in mind that you have not a laptop,you will desire a human,some one to do with ,what humans do.For example,someone to explore with,laugh with,kiss,love,and to figure how to get off of this fu....g island.

Topic: Fellowship Mon, 06 Aug 2012

lidlo lady wrote: As for my history as a K-nut, I was as casual and lazy as the rest....... Had it not been for the published idiocy of K-nuts, I might never have realized what a nut K was.

Thank you;

Quite an honest admission,'mais'it begs the question; are you on a moral mission?

Topic: Fellowship Sun, 05 Aug 2012

lidlo lady wrote: and how much affection they have for each other and their beloved idiocy.

OK then,your point is quite clear and you are out of K-land it seems for evermore.Myself,I'm still digesting exchanges ,eg:K vs anti k, (Kingpin vs Kiboshers) or whatever.. Now if I am understanding these exchanges ,it seems that you were,to some degree,a K-person,member or whatever the proper word is, for about ten years.I have a question,and I believe it to be a fair one and so I really would like to know,why,you don't post a little history of your experience in k-land (if I missed it,sorry in advance).This would make it more clear,at least to me, as to why you seem to 'lash' out against what was once yourself.I am understanding it to a degree but it seems that there must have been at some point a very defining moment that changed it all,and made you,to say the least,a very angry person. No 'dickystuff intended here. La chambre est sale.

Topic: Mutation/Madness Sat, 04 Aug 2012

lidlo lady wrote:

Offline john Campbell wrote:

I'd rather be the hammer than the anvil. No need to state the obvious.

A great need for the oblivious,or the narcissistic who keeps staring into the shiny surface.

Topic: Mutation/Madness Sat, 04 Aug 2012

lidlo lady wrote: This forum probably does need another dick

Funny how dicks excite you even little ones.

Paul Davidson wrote: lidlo lady the master-baiter :) There was a children's show for many years in the UK which was finally taken off the air in the 1980's when it became clear what the characters' names represented.

Sad end to a (childhood)

lidlo lady wrote: so welcome, john

Strange,I came to the forum in good cheer,with a healthy curiosity, I found mostly silence from true belivers while often being broadsided with pseudo-intellectualism from some others. Ironically,my interest has increased threefold because to me there seems to be silent movements going on at a much deeper level,another LO (mystery) but I,m sure we will be able to get to the bottom of this one ,collectively or otherwise. If I snap back at "anyone"look for humour in it,as I do from the snappers.I'd rather be the hammer than the anvil.

Topic: Mutation/Madness Fri, 03 Aug 2012

lidlo lady wrote: Turns out there are dicks in Canada, too. I thought the US had a monopoly on dickishness.

Reality is whatever refuses to go away when I stop believing in it<code>. PHILIP K.</code>DICK.

The age of chivalry is past.Bores have succeeded to dragons. CHARLES DICKENS.

I think you are in need of a <code>dick</code> or two.

Topic: Mutation/Madness Fri, 03 Aug 2012

lidlo lady wrote: john Campbell wrote:

If I experience something(and with witnesses)and it is inexpressible by any form of logic it is mysterious,there is nothing to ponder except that it happened and it was not an illusion. This is a mouthful of gobbledygook

Well better than a mouthfull of(Joy) soap that you seem to prefer(I hope).

Inexpressible by ""any form of logic""(that I am aware of.) The forum is not interested in the story. Paul D. had mysterious experiences,but has no interest in dwelling on them and that gets him of the neurotic "hooK" and is therefore blessed and forgiven by you. Well Gods,even little ones, and childish name calling have no part of me. Things ,events ,etc happen,and sometimes there is not a logical way of unstanding or discribing them .You don't have to build a church around a mystery but there is nothing neurotic about recalling an event once in a while,scrach your head and move on again. Now unless you've been living alone in some room reading nice books all of your bitchey life you should get this.I spelled bitchy wrong just for you.

Topic: Mutation/Madness Fri, 03 Aug 2012

Paul Davidson wrote: Am I witch-hunting the imagination?

Never said that you were,I was replying to more than one poster,in fact we are to a degree in agreement (I imagine) on imagination.

Paul Davidson wrote: But you brought in logic and rationality, John: May I ask, what is the foundation of a mind that moves in logic if it is not emotion?

Who cares that much if emotion kick starts logic?I kick start my motorcycle it goes where I tell it to,so what..All that was conveyed by Mr.Yeats was ,not to sacrilege imagination.Logic is fine when you need it. Imaginations scope is unimaginable.Albert Einstein thought it more important than logic and as you yourself mentioned,some people go to happy land and are unable to return.Einstien will take us to the stars,some others?360/degrees.

Topic: Mutation/Madness Thu, 02 Aug 2012

lidlo lady wrote:

2185 posts in this forum Online john Campbell wrote:

The only point I am trying to make is that a mind should remain open even to the mysterious/mystic; But what exactly does this mean? If something makes no sense, there's nothing to remain open to, nothing to ponder.

HA.I think that you try to piss people of just for the fun of it,but I don't think that its pathologal. Look,this is not a K dance that you seem to default to so often. Listen if you can,when something makes no sense it is mysterious.If I experience something(and with witnesses)and it is inexpressible by any form of logic it is mysterious,there is nothing to ponder except that it happened and it was not an illusion.This is exactly what it means.What remains open is that it happened.What remains open is your mind,which from time to time will dwell a bit (a bit)(a bit) on what the hell was that all about.Your imagination seeks reason because there is an unsolved truth that it is compelled to deal with. I'm away to supper before the King's men arrive.

Topic: Mutation/Madness Thu, 02 Aug 2012

lidlo lady wrote:

People who lean on logic and philosophy & rational exposition end by starving the best part of the mind.W,C,Yeats.

Yeats also said, “The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.”

Very close to the same thing: The former is indicating balance while the later both extremes. Something for everybody?? The only point I am trying to make is that a mind should remain open even to the mysterious/mystic; while I think that Paul D agrees a bit,he doesn't dwell on it for long.Its not for everyone but I have good reason to give it much thought. The quotes are not that important,but just indicators.Points to ponder.

Topic: Mutation/Madness Thu, 02 Aug 2012

Paul Davidson wrote: Life is forever a mystery?? Me Thinks.JC With regard to chimera, I was not referring to the event itself but to the edifice that thought may build around it. Otherwise, I do agree with you . . . more or less. Jack answered with a "What next? Witch-doctors?" Which does not only show a propensity to closedness and intolerance but also an unawareness of the racist histoy......

People who lean on logic and philosophy & rational exposition end by starving the best part of the mind.W,C,Yeats.

I suppose that Yeats meant 'imagination".

It seems that the age of the 'witch hunt'is alive and..(well)??

Topic: The Cat Wed, 01 Aug 2012

Paul Davidson wrote: . That is my strong suspicion. I know you won't object.

No objection whatsoever Paul, in fact I believe that the world could use at this time,a hefty dose of it.Strong suspicion can be a healty thing.It is also ,I believe,a healthy thing not to be looking for something profound round every corner.,meaning that perhaps comic ""relief"" needs no point,everyone is not expected to laugh,however,if no one laughs,then its pointless,and then you may have a point. Cheers-J

Topic: Mutation/Madness Wed, 01 Aug 2012

Paul Davidson wrote: . A mature consciousness does not build itself through chimera, however fascinating.

True,but,if it is not chimera,eg:two headed K's or four legged chickens,but just an inexpressible experience that was impossible to happen by chance,then,a mature consciousness must dwell on it from time to time, (not smother yourself to death),that is when ever an ocassion arrives that might open a new channel to maybe understanding the mystery. Life is forever a mystery?? Me Thinks.

Topic: Beauty/Marvel Wed, 01 Aug 2012

Paul Davidson wrote: Dear John, you miss the point, surely? Is not euphoria a chemically-charged mental state

C'mon Paul; The above is the point I was trying to make,but in a simplified manner;that is, without draging euphoria onto the field of the somatopsychic,or the neurological sciences' or into the politico of a John Crow. For sure PD,you will not ever find me in front of you with an apple on my head.I have the feeling ,and I hope that I,m wrong about this,that you are trigger happy or "arrow flappy""???,sorry can't think of the better word. Cheers,J

Topic: Mutation/Madness Wed, 01 Aug 2012

Paul Davidson wrote: When we decide something is a mystery, we give up trying to find out and we fall into unsubstatiated believing.

Beautiful,well put.Now the question becomes,how to deal with the mystic.Normally I run for my life from fortune tellers etc.,but many years ago I experienced a fortune telling(fun thing that didn't turn out funny)After the event,I could find no way out,even to this day.This is a mind blower,I hate it,and when logic fails??where do you go,for sure not to the piper.In other words it has made me believe that there is more that we do not know than we know. This forum is about mind and being such,has to be maybe, left wide open. There is a great deal of my way or highway going on with both sides.I believe this to be a bad mistake. My mind works very well and trys like hell to avoid foolishness(except when it comes to women).I think that there is something very mystic. I doubt if there is any interest in the event mentioned above but if five people wish to hear it so be it.*

Topic: Beauty/Marvel Wed, 01 Aug 2012

Paul Davidson wrote: So, what is it that causes euphoria in the human and causes his thought/emotion to 'marvel' and find beauty

Perhaps a brain,which is a "marvel'ous chemical factory,when it recognized beauty stired up its magic and life became 'merveilleux'. Well this is obvious,falling in love romantically we all experience,you have no control,euphoria just walks in. Romanticism of art,music,things that just make life worth it.The list is ??........ Maybe the real marvel is that its bigger than us.Enjoy the gift.

Topic: The Cat Wed, 01 Aug 2012

Paul Davidson wrote: True,...inanity has its merits.

Inanity is in the eye of the..........?

Topic: The Cat Tue, 31 Jul 2012

Paul Davidson wrote: I didn't find the humour relevent, sorry John. Didn't have the energy for it.

Cool,no problem. However you can find truth in humour and sometimes it seems necessary for energies sake. The K-Mart however seems to have a different idea. Cheers.

Topic: The Cat Tue, 31 Jul 2012

Paul Davidson wrote: Your statement is anthropomorphic.

If we are having fun with cats,this becomes my privilege. Children and kittens are not bored easily,teenagers and cats however have better things to do. There are many many reasons for staring,a poker game for example or a cat and mouse game.(which can be fun,even if you are not a Kat). Now take a BIG cat and a smaller human,you would have to say that the cat will hold its stare but just up to supper time. Cats do think.If it depends on survival it will figure a way to become a resident of your household,I,ve watched them and they have a million tricks up their claws.They will wake you up in times of danger and can sense when you are ill(I'll give you that one),and even if you don't know that you are ill it will 'think' of a way to get the message across. There is lots of anthropomorphic 'stuff' in the animal world.

Topic: The Cat Tue, 31 Jul 2012

Paul Davidson wrote:The cat will not hole your gaze because it cannot...

Naw!The cat does not hold your gaze because you are not very interesting to it.Its thinking,'what a bore,looks at me then a piece of paper,then me cheese,no ball of yarn,hmm..may as well sleep.

Topic: The Cat Tue, 31 Jul 2012

Peter Kesting wrote: Not too long ago in geological terms.....bla bla blabbbbblaaa bla bla bla..........................................................................................................bla bal bla bla bla bla....................

not add to the stress on environment and society)

The cat is looking at you....He has no interest in what you think.

Topic: Beauty/Marvel Mon, 30 Jul 2012

Katy 9 wrote: When a person sees the beauty or marvel in/of a thing it is a reflection of his/her own beauty/marvelousness of sight.

B-ecause E-very A-utumn U-nvoiced / MARVEL- AT TRUTH LIVED. T-ruth Y-ields

Topic: The Cat Mon, 30 Jul 2012

lidlo lady wrote:

Behavior is all the cat knows, and he's a master of behavior because he does what he can't imagine.

Nah!!She's a master at behavior because she imagines how she can use it for her own benefit. The Cat in the Hat knows a lot about that. Its quite likely that psychologist' come back as cats.

Topic: Comfort Sat, 28 Jul 2012

Katy 9 wrote:

r j wrote:

Quirky, isn't it. I am by no means the first person to notice that the thing spiritually quested people are most frightened of is exactly that self same thing they are seeking. The thing you most fear you become Krishnamurti It is fair to say that I became my own worst nightmare here. Katy

Maybe not quite so.The thing being sought is spirituality,not Kman or Popeman etc.Scientist seem to agree that we have become 'hard wired'through evolution to seek God,Spirit or whatever a wordsmith might want to name it because it helps us along our journey,whatever that may mean or is.It seems that it dosen't have to be complicated,indeed when it does become so we end up chopping each others heads off.A group of people with a simple moral code for the good of the group should be enough.You may keep your ego,see who makes the best apple pie,be the best you can be and be happy that you had the experience.Not like a self centered olympian who cries because he didn't win the gold. It dosen't have to be a nightmare.

Topic: Joy Sat, 28 Jul 2012

lidlo lady wrote: Joy is a bottle of sickeningly perfumey liquid dishwashing soap

Have another shot..

Topic: Self-Consciousness Sat, 28 Jul 2012

kamarajugadda Mallik ArjunaRao wrote: Your cat is conscious but it isn't self-conscious because it can't imagine like you can.

And when the mouse roared like a lion. The cat,imagining that this is not a good place to be, Left the scene.

Topic: Joy Sat, 28 Jul 2012

Katy 9 wrote: What brings y'all joy? Is this a superficial question? Katy

It's a nice question,and I don't think that it has to be analyzed to death. In grade school,we had a teacher named 'Joy',and around this time us youngsters were just sorta coming of age,so to speak. Joy,was a joy to behold,a joy to look at and a joy to be around. You might say,we loved 'Joy' body and soul.A joyful feeling . To me joy is a 'mind/body'experience,without interference eg:theres no joy watching a sunset with a toothache.You could say its like a kid walking the dog through the woods on a summers day,both fully fed and without worry ,a pleasant feeling,without a fear without a care that comes your way once in a while,sometimes a long while. Other joys,like hiting a home run,winning the race hiting the bullseye,having a pot of beer and screaming etc.are more like entertainment and can only reach the status of a substitute but are fun to do. So,my joy for sure is body/mind in total harmony.

This is not to say that there is not an overall joy,like family,friends on an ongoing day to day basis.This is like a personal joy that happens now and then and cannot be shared but only enjoyed alone.(or with a dog(lo))

Topic: ************** Fri, 27 Jul 2012

Katy 9 wrote: lidlo lady wrote:

I'm sure you can find quality lager and ale in The UK that far surpasses that American crap. Yes, Guinness is probably better or cask ale...being a 'one pot screamer' makes pubs unappealing places for me. Katy

Hey; An honest Brit and an honest Yank all on the same page.

Crap,your being unusually kind)

'one pot screamer', love it (lo)

Topic: ************** Fri, 27 Jul 2012

Katy 9 wrote: john Campbell wrote:

Well,back to the used bookstore and Karl Jung;but he's a nice read and a nicer guy than Siggy. I agree with you, John. Thanks for posting a joke which didn't demand anything intellectually. I don't have a good memory for jokes. Do you?

Well duckie,the world is rather a joke at this moment in time,a much macabre one unfortunately.If one is able to get through a day with out at least a little wetness in the eyes,one is not human,I think. You don't have to be intellectual all day,these folk soon become quite brittle,and shatter.Lighten up,life is as simple as death,separated only by one breath.Maybe if we redirected our efforts against the corporations/Governments who are hard at work destroying our Magna Charta,The Great Charter and The Charter of the Forest and the Habeas Corpus Act we could begin to take our world back.I believe that this is more important at the moment than finding a lofty little hole to bury our heads in but along the way ,a few jokes,a few beers and some laughter are,to say the least,are in order.

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