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Topic: ************** Fri, 27 Jul 2012

r j wrote: guy than Siggy Jung was a free thinker and visionary but he couldn't take the body seriously. Even today his followers are only beginning to recover it at a rudimentary level

Hmmm...It was 40 yrs ago or more I read a few of his books,I had no need to but just found him very interesting at the time.Life moves on.

"recover it" = ?

Topic: ************** Fri, 27 Jul 2012

Katy 9 wrote: I would not say that money performs miracles but having access to the right sort of attention (with or without medication) can be received like a miracle/gift.

The 'bill'is the "shock therapy". Meow.

Doctor, Doctor, I think I'm a cat. How long has this been going on? Oh, since I was a kitten!

Joking aside,perhaps the government should tax the corporations because much of this is work related stress.But,nowadays the corps own the government,along with the drug gangs. Well,back to the used bookstore and Karl Jung;but he's a nice read and a nicer guy than Siggy. ,

Topic: Observer/Observed Wed, 25 Jul 2012

lidlo lady wrote: When this body of knowledge is slim and supple, it doesn't obstruct perspicacity or cause distortion. But when this body of knowledge swells up with religious nonsense, it blocks observation and causes distortion. This blockage and distortion is experienced as separation

? An example for perspicacitys'sake may help here,merci.

Topic: God Tue, 24 Jul 2012

"God is dead";Nietzsche.

"Nietzsche is dead";God.

"Prove all things,hold fast that which is good". Thessalonians 5:21.

I am not the least bit religious,but must face the fact that the idea of God was born.If this idea got in the way of our bashing our heads in with clubs maybe there was some good to it.Maybe the idea was a starting point towards a higher level. Theoretical physics,over time ,had some real crazy ideas that most PhDs thought silly,eg: the "God" partical that was discovered last week.There are plenty of examples,some turn out to be illusions while others advance us,the point being not to give up to soon. The "God " in the sky thing will not as you know pass any test but the idea will evolve to a higher level and so on...and providing that we do not blow ourselves out of exsistance,it could become possible,to evolve from the idea of "God",to "God" itself,which is theoretical physics.

Some philosophers debate whither mind created matter or the other way around hummmm.... ,but better leave that one alone for now.

Topic: Psychological Thought Fri, 20 Jul 2012

lidlo lady wrote: Psychological thought is the sound of a brain that hasn't realized how thought, by its own movement, creates the illusion of a person,

Maybe psychological thought,thought realizing that one feels,is aware, and has potential and imagination,imagining things right or wrong ,correcting along the way,does not qualify as an illusion,but instead gives us a quality,thus,separating us,distinguishing us,from an ant hill .

Topic: The Known Fri, 20 Jul 2012

lidlo lady wrote: Dean R. Smith wrote:

When the unknown is the manifest state there is no you; there is only the body. This statement requires least to the non-believer. Are you giving some special meaning to "the unknown"? I ask because the unknown is never manifest. What's manifest is the known.

Known; Hello unknown,how are you? Unknown; I;ve known better Known; I didn't know that unknown; Now it's known Known; You know of the forum? unknown; I know that we're stuck there Known; I know that unknown; Know that we'll be there forever Known; I didn't know that Unknown; Now it's known Known; I know thats' a long time Unknown; You know f...all Known; I know,I know Unknown; You know there's booze at the forme Known; I didn't know that Unkown; Now it's known Know; I know I 'd like some unknown; I know,bring your body Known; I don't know why unknown; you know,you might get laid Known; You know this? Unknown; You never know.

Topic: Your Condition Tue, 17 Jul 2012

lidlo lady wrote: To believe you can be relieved of believing is to be unrelievable.

Understood,but maybe illusion instead of unrelievable??

Topic: Your Condition Tue, 17 Jul 2012

lidlo lady wrote:

lidlo lady United States 2002 posts in this forum Offline Stupidity is a condition sustained by belief in its relief by intelligence, but because intelligence is inimical to belief, stupidity is unrelieved believing.

How can you be relieved and unrelieved simultaneously??

Sun Hand wrote: Belief creates stupor, as does alcohol. One is "God-intoxicated." It is a pleasant state. One does not want to be relieved of it.

Getting pissed once in a while is a duty to your f...... brain.

Topic: Are You Right? Mon, 16 Jul 2012

lidlo lady wrote: Have more respect for your own observations and skeptical regard for the portentous pronouncements of others.

A bit presumptuous but very interesting. Personally,I've navigated a rocky road but my physical and emotional scars have healed and I am more or less bull-it-shit proof and not about to bow to a little man who probably lifted nothing heavier than a book.Now ,the little man is very interesting,and so,not being a person with a closed mind,I decided to stop and have a look."Donc",the forums are very helpful in as far as getting a 'feel'of it all,(love the red flags and F U mam,mister,etc.)If this where to take place in a saloon on Boot Hill,I'm not very sure how many would walk out at the end of the day.And"Madame Dictionaire",your real good at stiring the pot and pissing off Lien Rick,if I may say so.Maybe we'll learn something from it all,one way or the other.

lidlo lady wrote: Years ago when I first read that, I bought it because I liked the sound of it. K said a lot of things that are uncritically accepted because they sound authoritative and people like to be told what's true and what to do.

We all like to dance to the sounds of the music but sometimes you must change partners...,or the music.

Topic: Are You Right? Mon, 16 Jul 2012

lidlo lady wrote: It just observes the horror of righteousness and its hordes of adherents.

I'm not a "k" expert, but I know that he said that it is essential for one to be in revolt.Now my question is,is this different from observing the horror of righteousness etc.,which I'm in agreement with,or what did I miss?? It seems that this K-train is,as the song goes,a bumpy road to love. Just trying to get on the right(not righteous)track.

Topic: The Hollow Core of Krishnamurti's Teaching Fri, 13 Jul 2012

lidlo lady wrote The notion of perception without memory can’t honestly be considered a real possibility without any plausible explanation as to how

I say that Kman had to mean that you observe without the past interfering and influencing your perception,which means total concentration which it seems some people are capable of,and this of course goes into your memory bank at another level and so each time you start anew.Like an artist will see something differently each time he looks at the objective.No big deal for some people.Madame Currie I think had this ability and many more of this calibre. Some yoga gurus can actually alter their brain circuitry,quite a thing,and claim to leave their body but this can be duplicated in a lab by mechanical means,and this,as far as we know,makes this an illusion.Was Kman doing something like this? My guess would be(I don't think that he told anyone exactly what he meant) is that he was able to concentrate on something,new or old,freshly each time that he decided to approche it totally.

Topic: The Question Fri, 13 Jul 2012

lidlo lady wrote: You've coined a new word: hormonious

Hmmm...whormone overload,woops hormone...

Topic: The Question Fri, 13 Jul 2012

lidlo lady wrote: but I know that some people are more perspicacious than others. They notice things others miss, make observations that reveal a more comprehensive sense of how things are related and interract, and are good bullshit detectors. Is this "higher"

I believe that you have answered your own question.Maybe it came packaged with the last mutation.The very fact that you are interested in the destiny of our species suggests a higher conscience and separates you from the beast.Because some of us are exceptional at this is of great benefit to our evolution,but anyone who has some degree of 'higher'has a role to play and maybe realize a harmonious fusion of all of our good qualities while transcending narrow mindedness.We seem to be in the 'moral' stage of our voyage and with our recent advances in communications maybe we can win back from the "foxes" the means.Someone said "people are like rabbits,you grab them by the ears" So lets find the 'Shakespeares'and expose the 'Stalins'.

Topic: The Question Wed, 11 Jul 2012

lidlo lady wrote: has none of this that we are nameing consciousness, Really? How do you know that "there are many humans with a higher level of consciousness

Hey!I've read your forums,and,so now ,it is quite obvious.

There are people with none,it seems,some with a little,those with higher, then you,and finally "c'est moi".

Our tech(nn)ological extensions,are just extensions of our latest mutation,and will serve us in expediting a solution(if possible)to our present situtation.These are a marvelous and necessary aids to our already mutated(in some cases mutilated) brain ,if you will,a mutation in progress.

nite all,bon nuit.

Topic: The Question Mon, 09 Jul 2012

lidlo lady wrote: This question is germain because it stands to reason that mechanisms capable of self-knowledge, self-correction, and self-repair (which we have already brought into existence) will, at some point, identify the organisms that brought them into existence as unnecessary, superfluous, disposable

I doubt that the machine will bite the hand that feeds it.If it is that smart it will realize this.Just program it to act like a dog and obey,if it still gets out of hand,pull the plug.There is no way out for the machine,if it destroys us it destroys itself.We may however become 'hoist of our own petard' I believe that past studies concluded that the brain would have to become so hugh as to be unmanagable if it were to achieve your mutation. As far as needing the technology,it seems that at some point in the future we will have to leave the planet to survive but even before this it is probable that we will be nailed good by some asteroid unless we are able to nail it first.

lidlo lady wrote:

If the human brain cannot raise its own consciousness to a higher level than its technnological extensions are capable of, the human species will be rendered extinct by its own hand. Direct, pure, perception should be possible, it seems, if the human brain is to put technology in its place and avert catastrophe, but what-should-be is not what-is.

There are many humans with a higer level of consciousness and also a machine has none of this that we are nameing consciousness,besides,its not the machine that we should be so worried about,except to keep proper control ,it is 'us' ,the us that carry a very dangerious weapon between its ears that we should be concerned about,and ,sorry "K"this might just mean a bit of conflect.

Topic: A Nursery Rhyme Mon, 09 Jul 2012

lidlo lady wrote: A clown is a master A zombie is a machine A believer is mechanical Until If ever It comes clean

The master danced his clumsy steps We all laughed with glee, The zombie stood,as zombies should There was no laugh in he, One believed,that with one leg, The master he could top, He tried and tried and tried again, Each time it was a flop, The zombie stood,as zombies should, And said"hee,hee,please stop"

Next please!

Topic: What it means to observe, to understand? Sun, 08 Jul 2012

Dr.sudhir sharma wrote: Aren't you in a wrong place forcibally trying to push your realization down the throats of other posters? When you gave yourself 10 years to find out, why don't you let us do the same at our own pace?

It is obvious that l lady is quite upset,beliving that she has been taken for a long ride on the K-Mart Kart and is seeking recovery by attacking the forums.A little nasty at times but it might be a good idea to share her experience.If you have a good strong mind of your own,you'll have nothing to lose,and,possibly learn something new. Tut,tut.

Topic: What it means to observe, to understand? Sun, 08 Jul 2012

lidlo lady wrote: Which is a misspelling that is not a misspelling because the missppeller (or his equally ignorant ally) has declared it "a morph

Oh My! Please!MR. Webster would say???? Mais!! I get a kick out of you,sassy????,do you like older,able, men??

Topic: What it means to observe, to understand? Sat, 07 Jul 2012

dhirendra singh wrote: Is it an intellectual activity to understand psyche? Is it a mechanical activity to see the thought? Something similar to this is being discussed in other topics.I think it's a core issue in K teaching.

The psyche,the consicious and unconsicious mind, is a study of psychology.You are able to look at it 'intellectually'this way,if you wish.Everything can be thought of as 'mechanical',if one wants to think in those terms only. In the K-Mart,JK does not claim to know anything ,but stresses self discovery through your own efforts,he also commands you not to beleive a word he says.

lidlo lady wrote: At least I can spell "buffoon

Baffoon and buffoon are both ok,baffoon is a morph.

Topic: Was there or is there anyone changed? Sat, 07 Jul 2012

lidlo lady wrote: How does this comment advance the dialogue

Hmm......yours is not quite worthy of a response...

Topic: Was there or is there anyone changed? Sat, 07 Jul 2012

dave humphrey wrote: I perceive that some thoughts are operating more or less in the background as if on auto-pilot. There are moments when thought is being watched, but they are fleeting.

Conscious awareness,perceptable to some degree,simply enters into the great brain jungle and mingle at another level with the zillions of other perceptions and sometimes are able to form a new original idea "spontaneously",a new perception, or whatever you may like to call it. For better or for worst.

Topic: The Twisted Mind of Rick Lein Fri, 06 Jul 2012

Je ne vous comprends pas...

So much dimwit and bullswit.

Topic: Where is error? Thu, 05 Jul 2012

lidlo lady wrote: Of course, and I hope you are more curious than credulous.

Well then,thanks for hoping,I like you. As I mentioned before,it takes a lot of tkinking to be 'non-credulous.Being simply curious is the fun part of life.( well,one of the....)

Topic: Where is error? Wed, 04 Jul 2012

lidlo lady wrote: Then this may not be the discussion forum for you. Everyone here but myself and maybe one other are enthralled by the idea that there's some kind of supernatural "pure" perception that is not of time, memory, "the past". If you can buy this crock, you're not "simply curious" - you're credulous.

You can be "simply curious"without being credulous.

Topic: Where is error? Wed, 04 Jul 2012

It seems possible that the brain is only mechanical,meaning,thoughts,ideas enter and find their place.

Arthur Koestler tried to explan this in his book 'The Sleep Walkers" eg: A scientist trying to prove that his idea is true,will spend time,maybe years,loading his brain with maybes,knowedge,hoping that something will 'click'.The point is that all of this is floating around in 'there'looking for 'a reason to be'.At some point ,he has a nap or is very relaxed,no stress and then 'bingo'two thoughts find each other and something new is born.Koestler coined a phrase for this,"by-association".

Maybe this holds true across the board,hard work,hard thinking as little 'junk' as possible will lead one to a new truth ,and then unto another.

It seems that there is no magicial way around our problem.

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