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Topic: It's the FEELING Mon, 25 Feb 2013

pavani rao wrote: Unless one takes risks or one goes deep out of one's depths there will be no way of finding out the reality of things .

J.C.>> Hi Pavi. This I think is the best quote of the month. Thankfully,yourself,Ruth and some others enjoy fair exchange, even if there may be disagreement at times.The absence of of demeaning and abusive language is delightful, even if we sometimes poke fun at each other.

Topic: It's the FEELING Mon, 25 Feb 2013

Ruth Bass wrote: For me, hope represents the possibility that an outcome of my present actions will benefit me at a later date. Actions to care for my health, my property, my earning capcity will yeild benefit when I am 80. Without hope, I'd not be motivated to take the actions, including risks, I take today.

J.C.>> Well put Ruth.It couldn't be said any clearer.

Topic: Person-Centered World Peace Mon, 25 Feb 2013

Ruth Bass wrote: It's a dilemma.

Removing power is an act of power. It's a dilemma.

J.C.>>Power always exist in whatever form.Electrical power can be transformed/directed etc., for the benefit of all. Constitutional,or international agreed upon laws are for protection against those who would misuse power,be it, Kings,Popes,Governments,cooperatives dictators & so on. This is not a dilemma but an achievable movement. Time will not wait around for personal change. The ship must turn against the tide,and this means, All hands on deck.

Topic: Person-Centered World Peace Mon, 25 Feb 2013

Ruth Bass wrote: not blind acceptance of any theory

K’>>>>>>>>>not blind acceptance of any theory,

J.C.>That political power must be removed from any group or any person is a fact.

Topic: Person-Centered World Peace Mon, 25 Feb 2013

David T wrote: they would be eliminated

So there ,that speaks a mile,the potential power of groups. The only way to prevent these types from coming into existence is to make it impossible politically for them to control power. This follows that no group should hold political power.Power,to anyone being the thing to avoid. With the enormous communicative means now available globally this may be the way to go.Doing nothing is not an option.Waiting for mutation is not an option. The mutation has already happened,now it must be acted upon, keeping in mind that it co exists with the undesirable within us.

Topic: Life & Living Mon, 25 Feb 2013

pavani rao wrote: the traditions of the Eskimos. Animals like cow , snake ( some times ) rat , lion , eagle , bull and various other animals are revered as they are considered to be the vehicles of Gods .

J.C.> Yep,we kinda worship cows over here also,especially at McDonalds,with fries. Snakes,rats lions and eagles are free to roam,they eat each other and call it a day. The bulls we elect to parliament, and there they do what bulls do best. We elect the odd rat also. I see a lot of temples popping up here nowadays,they seem to get along fine, except for blowing up the odd plane or shooting an undesirable bride or groom. One or no Gods seems to be the norm here,for very many,none ‘s enough, Except most people like Jesus,who said,’Try and get along for Christ sake.’

So it seems(seriously),that this place is still very much a frontier,still young, restless eager, but give it a chance,a bit more time,time to absorb it all, and McDonalds will be out of business.

After all,India is the oldest democracy in the world. Canada is just a child. An Eskimo once wrote: 'It's dam cold up here.'

Topic: Life & Living Sun, 24 Feb 2013

pavani rao wrote: tradition

Pav,>>>Now how shall we describe tradition

J.C.>Well North America is rather a recent frontier as compared to India ,South America,Europe etc.but still, they have their special ways.The USA loves baseball,football,basketball and will even have before game parties outside the stadium.In Canada,Hockey rules everything,bigger than the Queen,government,God and eating except on your 13th birthday you must eat a hockey puck and drink six beer.In one counter attack against the Nazis in WW Two,the Canadian army shot hockey pucks at the Germans, the krauts retreated and spent two months figuring out the new Canadian weapon,giving the allies time to regroup,which changed the course of the war. Thanksgiving Day is a huge family tradition, families gather together for a turkey dinner.Lately the US president began pardoning one lucky turkey,so it get to gobble for a while longer. Christmas follows in all its glory. There is no official language in the US although the majority are Anglo.Canada has two official languages English and French. Perhaps the real tradition in the USA was struggle for political freedom.Blacks,poor whites and women had none. The Irish were next to slaves on the ‘Totem pole’,the Indians would not be enslaved and so were wiped out. Despite all the gains the tradition of struggle continues . Struggle and competition seems to define the USA with Canada being more social democratic,with every citizen getting a free hockey puck with their dental bill.

Topic: Life & Living Sat, 23 Feb 2013

pavani rao wrote: The American mind

K>“ All right . The American mind is gullible, superficial , vulgar . It’s very changeable and believes in all sorts of specialists for every aspect of life . . It’s enthralled by entertainment , is highly commercial .But it’s also very generous , naïve , open , curious , and active . “

K>>“ Right Sir , the American mind is pluralistic . That means d it lacks tradition ; young , moving , changing . broken up, fragmented and confused . “

Pav.>… it would be good to explore into the words of tradition , fragmentation , broken up … just to site a few . And I also feel in the increasing scenario of shrinking borders , nationalities and the world’s global village is there any mind specifically pertained to any country _ J.C.>> Well K’s smorgasbord has a few good plates but seems mostly very questionable.

The USA is quite diverse,with many subcultures in its many regions.There is no simple way to describe it.

He does not mention the genocide of the American Indian or black slavery,a sort of tradition of superiority

but then the topic is not history.

However ,people do leave there various cultures(for various reasons) to enter the USA,now free to make it or brake it as individuals.

This is the backbone of the American way.With the exception of recent journalism, TV jerks and questionable political activities(Bush and his likes),

I for one have never met a gullible ,vulgar American. Despite the changing economic tides at present,I find that Americans are the

most giving people that I ever encountered. And yes they love entertainment,are very commercial,and excellent business people.

My daughter’s best friend,a fine businessman was murdered in 911, he was a wonderful human being.

Years ago,while I was kicking around Florida for a few months I became a friend of a local business woman(Ex B.pageant to : )

and we became comfortable enough(both of us were going through divorces ) to talk about our life’s priorities ,hers were devoted to,

and in this order: Her President,her God and finally her children. If this is true across America then Mr. President ranks higher than Mr. God,

of course this is pure fun speculation.

So from my personal experiences, (ignoring for the moment the cooperate taking over of America’s political apparatus) I would have no problem

enjoying spending time with an American. They are open,friendly,generous and very smart people.

Topic: Psychological Mutation Thu, 21 Feb 2013

Ruth Bass wrote: forum Offline


"Can you and I, then, bring about in ourselves without any outside influence, without any persuas

without any outside influence, without any persuasion??

Life doesn't exist in a vacuum,it is influenced.

Besides there are many people who are not brutal, violent, competitive, anxious, fearful, greedy, envious and all the rest',. Some suggest that the mutation has been with us for some time now, meaning that it is possible to be good.Choice also exist,as does duty,which means work,action .

Topic: Cohesiveness Thu, 21 Feb 2013

Ruth Bass wrote: No need to justify, just stating facts. I think you're projecting again.

??something>>If in your Personal Profile you had stated 'mentality of a two year old', it would have been believable.

J>> Something is falling in love .

Topic: Stupidity Tue, 19 Feb 2013

randal patrick wrote: Lable you as a "coward" for pointing out the fact of their activities?

J.C.> Example # two.

To be continued....

Topic: 'Watching the reaction' mode :) Tue, 19 Feb 2013

randal patrick wrote: Oh

’Tis time to fear when tyrants seem to kiss. Pericles

Topic: Answer to yet another very quickly 'locked' topic by Katy. Tue, 19 Feb 2013

Sanjay Kumar wrote: :) What is a hook spit, sir?

Crachez le crochet. Il est quand le poisson peut s'enlever des pêcheurs (l'hameçon).

Topic: Answer to yet another very quickly 'locked' topic by Katy. Tue, 19 Feb 2013

Katy Alias 1 wrote: Goodbye, Katy ALias 1

K-aty freedom > another 'hook' spit to the waves.

Topic: Stupidity Tue, 19 Feb 2013

B Teulada wrote: What

What do you think is stupidity ?

J.C.> The Darwin Awards honour people who ensure the long-term survival of the human race by removing themselves from the gene pool in a sublimely idiotic fashion

There are millions of examples:

People who repeatedly label those who may disagree with them as dumb,moronic,insane, idiots,not worthy of existence Etc. especially, while not showing many signs of stability or intelligence within themselves. One could add that these label makers may be dangerous,and should be avoided.

To be continued......

Topic: In and Out of The K-World Tue, 19 Feb 2013

Ken B wrote: ideas

Mortimer; It would seem to be far easier to transmute one's ideas than the brain's structure, if such a thing is even possible? (not here) J.C.>>Well,Mortimer, as your pal Walter said and perhaps pal Charlie might agree:

“Re-examine all you have been told... Dismiss what insults your Soul.” ? Walt

Implosions are fun to watch eh!

Topic: 'Watching the reaction' mode :) Sat, 16 Feb 2013

B Teulada wrote: so are you saying

I was simply pointing out that there are some who do not care if you are a good person,if you are in their way,they may(( kill)) You.Its good to be aware of this, at least I,m glad that I am,and so will do what I can to avoid them.

Topic: Are you a bully? Sat, 16 Feb 2013

Daniel paol wrote: they do something while we the others do nothing but think. think,then you act,do what must be done..

..if you decide to wait around for the bull to have a mutation, ...good luck.

Topic: Are you a bully? Sat, 16 Feb 2013

Daniel paol wrote: you follow a religion or not, but can not be half of a religion...

half-assed religion??

Topic: 'Watching the reaction' mode :) Sat, 16 Feb 2013

B Teulada wrote: "if you have lived peacefully all your life, i doubt you would ever be attacked by a tyrant". i don't have a clue if this is true or just wishful thinking.

Hitler,Stalin did not give a dam how peaceful or good you are/(were). How much proof is needed?

Topic: Life & Living Sat, 16 Feb 2013

pavani rao wrote: collective efforts from every body .

Pavani>>>behavior ... .At the same time I wonder if there can be so much of misinterpretation in differentiating rudeness from politeness

J.C.> Every society has its share of’ Creeps’,thankfully in small numbers. It seems true that,’born a Creep,die a Creep’,’the( die )is cast’. Conclusion: Save your energy. The Creep is worthless.

Pavi>>>Shakespeare and various other literary figures .

J.C.>>>> Tchaikovsky would have had a field day on this forum.

Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker?

Topic: Life & Living Tue, 12 Feb 2013

pavani rao wrote: B Teulada wrote:

, how can one help? Only way i see is, if you see anyone displaying any signs of wanting to do the carpet-pulling themselves, be there for them and hold their hand while they are doing it. I believe this is what K did.

J.C.> Maybe consider holding the feet instead??

Ji K>Now when you control or force the mind you are distorting it, aren't you? K(The Beginnings of Learning.)

Pavia > Her brothers stopped talking to her as they feel she is too interfering and is trying to correct them knowing fully well that she is doing all that for the common good of the family . J.C.> Silence, sometimes a manifestation of an inner turmoil . Ji K > If there is real relationship between ... people, which means there is communion between them, then the implications are enormous. Then there is no isolation; there is love and not responsibility or duty. It is the people who are isolated behind their walls who talk about duty and responsibility. A man who loves does not talk about responsibility - he loves. Therefore he shares with another his joy, his sorrow, his money. J.C. > It seems as though your friends actions are an outer manifestation of her inner love.

Topic: Life & Living Mon, 11 Feb 2013

B Teulada wrote: An anchor :

keeps you from drifting away or keeps you harbored, and safe;


by keeping the ship fixed to a location, it also prevents it from navigating..


You anchor to rest and ponder, That's loves gift to you.

You break anchor to navigate, That's your gift to love.

Topic: Flow or Peak Experiences Mon, 11 Feb 2013

randal patrick wrote: What instrument does czesiminski play then? I apologize to ruth bass for mis applying a quote to her.

J.C.> The instrument can be one's voice,hands,feet (most of us have them),which become totally engrossed in the music,however,wherever,whenever.(we all can do it)

Topic: Life & Living Mon, 11 Feb 2013

pavani rao wrote: ' find out for your selves sirs ' ....

it's better to live with in convenient truths and un comfortable realities than to live in the cocoon of false sense of securities .... .

life is celebration


HI Pavi:

Perhaps,if after several diagnosis and lectures from different Doctors

the patient remains unconvinced ,the cocoon may offer the only refuge from life's uncertainties ,'right' and 'wrong',become only obscure markings, in a maze of scribble.

Topic: The neurons that shaped civilization Sun, 10 Feb 2013

Dean R. Smith wrote: mindlessly violent ego

The real Mr. Bean,rides again. And again, And that is enough time wasted On this 'Crap'. ZOOOOOOOM>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Topic: The neurons that shaped civilization Sun, 10 Feb 2013

Dean R. Smith wrote: you moron! :)

you moron! :)

Image,a fu..... monkey calling a fellow forum member a moron. But don’t worry,I,m to far above you to really dwell on it. I could call you a creep,a/h, cry baby(I like this one)dummy,lo,much more, But that would be breaking forum rules.So let it be. Of course,if you were to say that,like a real man,face to face, I,being a Cape Bretoner would postpone any sort of dialogue.

Topic: The neurons that shaped civilization Sun, 10 Feb 2013

Dean R. Smith wrote: Same old, same old.

Same old have not. Will never. Ever.

Topic: The neurons that shaped civilization Sun, 10 Feb 2013

Dean R. Smith wrote:

john Campbell wrote: Says Kate!

Bean S >Says thought. :)

J.C.> If and when I should discover that You have this faculty I will respond accordingly.

Topic: The neurons that shaped civilization Sun, 10 Feb 2013

RICK LEIN United States

Katy Someone wrote: Compassion is action, not thought.

R Lien>Says thought!:)

J.C.>Says Kate!

"After all's said and done, Mores said than done"

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