Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening

On Awareness

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  • Page 1:   Krishnamurti: This is the last discussion or dialogue. We have talked during these past five days... [ Edit ]
  • Page 2:   Questioner: You mentioned awareness about things and states of mind. Does that mean that awarenes... [ Edit ]
  • Page 3:   I said, I am aware that I have the image which prevents me from looking, from observing exactly w... [ Edit ]
  • Page 4:   I have built an image about you, and I have several other images - perhaps dozens of them - and I... [ Edit ]
  • Page 5:   Krishnamurti: But life is that! Therefore you are afraid of life, therefore you escape from life.... [ Edit ]
  • Page 6:   Questioner:.... then you ask, what happens? Krishnamurti: Now I'm going into it. Questioner... [ Edit ]
  • Page 7:   Questioner: Not wasting energy. Krishnamurti: That's right. It's becoming tremendously alive, ... [ Edit ]

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