Quote of the Day

by Jiddu Krishnamurti

Questioner: Are there not two kinds of intelligence, the one with which we function daily and the other which is higher, which guides, controls, and is beneficial?

Krishnamurti: Does not the self, for the sake of its own permanency, divide itself into the high and the low, the controller and the controlled? Does not this division arise from the desire for continued self-expansion? However cunningly it might divide itself, the self is still the result of craving, it is still seeking different objectives through which to fulfill itself. A petty mind cannot possibly formulate something which is not also petty. The mind is essentially limited and whatever it creates is of itself. Its gods, its values, its objectives and activities are narrow and measurable, and so it cannot understand that which is not of itself - the immeasurable.

Ojai, California
Fourth Talk in The Oak Grove, 1946