Quote of the Day

by Jiddu Krishnamurti

Fear exists not by itself but only in relationship to something either external or inside oneself. You are always afraid of something. Fear is the result of (i) doing something which you would not like others to know or (ii) your being uncertain. Thus, fear will cease only when you face 'what is'.

Some say that fear can be got rid of by making an effort or by having the strength or the courage to overcome fear. All effort, will-power, struggle means conflict and conflict cannot lead to cessation of fear.

Why do you not face 'what is'? It is because of the tendency in you to 'become' the ideal, You don't know 'what is' and yet you don't like it, and you would like to become something else which is your ideal, which is naturally intensifying the conflict and the fear. The ideal does not exist nor is it understood. When you understand this and when you don't pursue this 'becoming', then fear ceases and you face 'what is'.

From this it is clear that your ideas about ideals and methods to achieve your ideals are all wrong and should be thrown overboard. This gives you release from a really great burden.

Discussion Group, 21st December, 1947
Madras, India