Quote of the Day

by Jiddu Krishnamurti

Questioner: How can one stimulate a desire for freedom?

Krishnamurti: How can a man that is in prison stimulate the desire for freedom? What a question to ask! Sirs .... is not the suffering of another, are not the tears of another, the laughter, the rejoicing, the corruption, sufficient to give you that burning desire, to free others and yourself? But you want artificial stimulation, a drug, an enticement, a reward for your good actions, and you want me to tell you of a new God, to whom you can offer; for your stimulation, to build a new altar. I hope you are thinking; not accepting what I am saying, nor rejecting. The dancing shadows, the clear sunshine, the bird on the wing, the light on the waters, the suffering of a man, or a woman, the delight, the rejoicings of your neighbours - if that does not give you sufficient desire - woe to you!

Early Writings
Ojai Camp, 1929