Quote of the Day

by Jiddu Krishnamurti

Now when an experience comes to you, what do you do? You meet it with your intellect or your emotion, not with your whole being. There can be no intelligence which is the discernment of right value, as long as there is imitation and conformity, as long as there is the search for power and the pursuit of gain. At present you are seeking understanding through another - through churches, temples, organizations, teachers and priests. That is, through want you are willing to be exploited by others. In that there is no understanding and no intelligence. No one can give you intelligence, which is the discovery of true value. Intelligence is awakened through your own awareness, in which there is no effort. By discovering a hindrance and facing it for yourself, without wanting something, the hindrance is consumed in the flame of that awareness.

Early Writings, Volume VII
Talks at Adyar, India 1932-33