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Early Writings, Volume VII | Talks at the Ojai Camp 1932

Question: You speak constantly of truth, so we have naturally come to regard its realization as man's ultimate goal. You say that we cannot perceive truth, so we cannot have it as our goal. Towards what, then, are we striving? I mean striving in your sense, not in the sense of a struggle and a craving for attainment.

Krishnamurti: I have spoken often of truth, intending to convey an endless renewal without a beginning nor an end. In that there cannot be a goal, an end something to be achieved, sought after, which becomes but a motive and makes your action incomplete. A finite mind cannot perceive that which is infinite. Therefore your attempt to realize it, to grasp it, is futile, because it it can be but the pursuit of an idea, and that which you can conceive of is not the truth. Do not attempt to imagine what it is, but become so aware in the present, through watchfulness, that the mind is free from immediate bondage; for action without a motive is true perception. You are able to perceive truly if the mind and heart are stripped of all craving. True striving is to be alertly watchful, to penetrate the many layers of craving.

You desire to be enticed by a goal. To have a goal, a motive, is but acquisition, whereas true action is the stripping away of all craving. You have set about acquiring virtue, you have thought that you must be good, that you must give, that you must share - and what has happened? You have climbed height upon height, you have progressed mentally, and what is the result of all your attainments, your progress, your achievements? Dust and confusion, bewilderment, brought on by craving, utter misery. Action must be a continual denudation, not a series of attainments, because that to which you attain becomes your limitation. The mind that is infinitely pliable, yielding, is indestructible. Whereas, this astonishing idea of expanding consciousness until it shall include all is but the glorification of selfishness, which can never understand truth. This eternal life is not an end, but a continual renewing, and you can realize it only when the mind and heart are wholly stripped of the the idea of "myself" and its glorification, which is but a subtle deceit of craving

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