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Saanen, Switzerland | Third Public Talk in Saanen, July 1980

[So] our action is based on values. And these values are brought about by constant adjustment to circumstances, to one's character, to one's desire, to one's social, environmental condition. Right? So our actions are based on values which are the product of thought. Right? Right, sir? Can we go on? Because we are going to point out presently that a mind that has values is very limited because those values are created by thought, by desire. Right? And therefore action is always limited. Right? And if we examine our actions, that is, whole of life is action. All life is action - speaking, walking, thinking, acting from knowledge, responsibility, friendship, the whole of our existence is action, whether that action is directed by a value, or by an experience, or sanctioned by society or culture and religion. Right? We are moving. Are we? Right?

So we are asking: this has been the pattern of our existence, each person creating his own value, what is important, what is not important, what is worthwhile and not, what is comforting, what is desirable and so on. So we are asking: is there an action which is not based on value? You understand? So that is, as we said, our action is based either on past memories, past values, or present values or future ideals. Right? That which should be, that which has been and that which is. Bien? So our action is a continuous, constant movement of the past through the present, modifying itself into the future. Bene? I wonder if we are meeting, are we meeting each other? Yes sir? Good, at least somebody is. (Laughs)

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