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Ojai, California | Fifth Talk in The Oak Grove, 1946

Questioner: Is there no such thing as creative thinking?

Krishnamurti: It would be rather vain to consider what is creativeness. If we were aware of our conditioning, then the truth of this would bring about creative being. To speculate upon creative being is a hindrance; all speculation is a hindrance to understanding. Only when the mind is simple - purged of all self-deception and cunning, cleansed of all accumulation - is there the real. The purgation of the mind is not an act of will nor the outcome of imitative compulsion. Awareness of what is is liberating.

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When you begin to free the mind and heart from all conflict there is intelligence, and then timelessness has a different significance altogether.
It is futile and a waste of time, leading to mere opinion, to consider what it is to be real.
The created cannot think about the uncreated. It can think only about its own projection which is not the real.
This idea that there is a super-self, is still part of thought and is therefore conditioned; therefore, the super-self cannot be superior to mind.