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Bombay, India | 8th Public Talk, March 3rd, 1954

Questioner: You say that one must die to be reborn, that in the ending there is beginning. But to us, all ending is suffering, whether it is ending of life or of a happy and rich experience. How then can I see the truth of the ending you talk about?

Krishnamurti: Sir, do you see the truth of what I am talking about? All that you see is the fact that that which has continuity, that which goes on through time, is always in sorrow. That is all you know, is it not, with an occasional rare moment of delight, a joy, but otherwise, all that you know is sorrow. Sorrow comes with all the innumerable aptitudes of the 'I' or the 'me', of the ego. You have to see, you have to realize that that which continues psychologically, inwardly, brings sorrow. Sir, don't you know that that which has an ending has always a freshness, a beginning? If I do not end my thoughts of today, complete them, finish them today, I carry those thoughts over to tomorrow, and in that, there is no freshness, no newness; the mind becomes dead. But if I simply see that fact, that is enough. The very perception, the very awareness of that fact without any choice, without any condemnation, is the ending in which there is a newness.

But we do not want the new, we do not want to be reborn. All that we want is to be made certain. After all, what we want is permanency, a continuity for us with the indications of the permanent - a permanent house, a permanent relationship, a permanent name, a permanent family, a continuity of activity, success - that is all we want. We do not want a revolution, we do not want to die each day to everything, we want to perpetuate memory; that is why we practice, we discipline, we resist, because the mind abhors a state of uncertainty. Sir, it is only the uncertain mind that can discover, not a certain mind. It is only the mind that knows that it is confused, and in that confusion, is quiet, that can discover. But the mind that is certain, that has continuity, that is a series of memories - everlasting - such a mind can never discover truth.

So it is only the mind that comes to an end each day, that can find truth each day. Truth is something to be discovered from moment to moment, truth has no continuity in terms of time. That which continues is in a state of permanency which the mind can recognize, so the mind which has continuity which has association which is the process of recognition, such a mind can never find what is real. It is only the mind that sees the fallacy of all this and therefore choicelessly comes to an end, that can be creative; only such a mind can receive the creativity of truth.

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