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Ojai, California | 4th Public Talk 1945

Confusion and misery cannot be banished by the forgetful process of time, by the comforting idea of evolution which only engenders slothfulness, smug acceptance and the continuous drift towards catastrophe; we must not let the course of our lives be directed by others, for others, or for the sake of the future. We are responsible for our life, not another; we are responsible for our conduct, not another; not another can transform us. Each one must discover and experience reality and in that alone is there joy, serenity and highest wisdom.

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what we are really seeking is not clarity, is not the understanding of the actual state of mind, but rather we are searching for ways and means to escape from ourselves.
As this crisis is extraordinary, most people try to solve it by formulae, by systems either of the extreme left or of the extreme right.
Whatever we do at present seems to lead to chaos, seems to lead to sorrow and unhappiness.