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Group Discussion 13th April, 1948 | Chennai, India

Question: Please expand the ideas about property?

Krishnamurti: I need a little property. It is not a pursuit of exclusion. But the psychological expansion through property leads to hatred.

Question: I may not, but another may seek self-expansion. What to do then? Krishnamurti: Then you will not cause hatred. You will start a new culture. If you really enquire into the causes why there is no immediate transformation, then you will see.

Question: Where is contradiction in seeking self-expansion through property?

Krishnamurti: As I said, seeking security through property leads to hatred and therefore there will be no peace. As we live in contradiction in different ways, through organizations, through rituals etc., we do everything to destroy affection. If that is so, we must first be aware of it and put an end to contradiction. We cannot jump out of it, it is not a net. We must become conscious of our thoughts and actions and become intelligent about every one of our activities. This is really difficult in a hot climate, where there are many things preventing clear, honest thinking. If you want to think clearly, you must have sufficient food but no indulgence. Contradiction has a great deal to do with immediate transformation. This means that we must focus our attention on everything we do. This is very difficult. We eat food placed before us on a feast-day, without thinking. This has direct relationship with our daily life. You must have a clear swift mind to follow this clearly. You cannot indulge as you like. Contradiction is one of the hindrances to transformation as it will not allow any moment of full attention on something directly.

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You can only understand acquisitiveness, or any other problem, in its isolation, not by bringing it into comparison, into opposition.
That which is achieved through the cultivation of the opposites is still within the opposite, though one may think that the state one has achieved has transcended the opposites.
Questioner: Last Sunday I understood from what you said that we do not take time from our jobs, family, activities, to study ourselves. This seems a contradiction of your former statement that one can be aware in everything one does.
The more you comprehend yourself and so bring about right thinking the less you will find that there is any tendency, any ignorance, any force within you that cannot be transcended.
Happy is he who sees the false as the false and that which is true as true.
The very nature of the self is to create contradiction.
We are ever-changing contradictory thoughts-feelings: love and hate, peace and passion, intelligence and ignorance.
We have to think of our existence as a whole, as a total process, and not as many unrelated processes at different levels.
When right thinking comes into being, there is no contradiction.
Sirs, how very respectful you are to me, and how very cruel you are to your servant, to your wife, to your neighbours?
Contradiction is when I do not see clearly, when choice comes into action.
It is a fallacy to think that there can be no radical transformation in the world unless there is mass action.
You cannot call yourself a nationalist and at the same time talk of peace.
If you do not see any contradiction, it does not mean that there is no contradiction.