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Group Discussion 16th April, 1948 | Chennai, India

Question: Is not having a problem a process of thinking?

Krishnamurti: Silence is when the thinker, the creator of the problem, ceases to think. We do not see things as they are, if we think in the field of the known. I discover and therefore experience. Where thought-process exists, there, there cannot be experiencing, discovery. Discovery takes place only when the thought-process ceases. When I see the necessity of silence, I do not need to cultivate silence. The moment we see that silence is essential, we are silent.

Question: The intention to find the truth and the discovery of the truth can come only when there is silence. Do these not form a process?

Krishnamurti: Intention is to discover. There is only a verbal process. I see the importance of silence. Is it a verbal process or an inward process?

Question: Is not the thinking process a verbal process?

Krishnamurti: Please investigate your own minds. What were you doing? Were you looking, investigating etc., or were you merely waiting? You did not start with a conclusion, nor were you seeking any conclusion.

Question: Is not a discussion necessary for silence?

Krishnamurti: I put a question to you. Are you thinking it out?

Question: Discussion is a movement of the mind, positive or negative.

Krishnamurti: Whether positive or negative, mind is thinking. Are we merely rationalizing? Seeing things directly, is it not different from thought-process. You saw the importance of silence and then you talk or verbalize about it. Through verbalizing you do not see. Thought-process begins only in communications with another, or in recording, or in experiencing. Thought-process is not necessary for experiencing. Experiencing is not a state of thinking.

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