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Early Writings, Volume VII | Radio Talks, USA and Canada 1932

What happens in actual life? You have an experience, such as death or failure in business or a great disillusionment, and that experience makes you suffer, forces you to think. Faced by conflict, confusion and misery, you break away from conformity, from imitation, in which lies insincerity, falseness, and you begin to think for yourself, thus increasing the conflict. Now when this happens, what do you do? You seek a way to conquer that conflict, that sorrow, not by understanding the cause, but by seeking a means of escape, and you establish an ideal and hope by means of that ideal to forget the conflict.

So from conformity you awaken to conflict, and from conflict you escape to satisfaction, consolation, which is again a limitation, and thus you are bound to this process of continual escape from the present, in which alone is immortality. I say that there is understanding of the present not in conforming to the memory of the past or the pursuit of an ideal in the future, but only in continual awareness which reveals all conflicts. You understand by facing your conflicts, not by trying to escape from them. To face them is to become aware that suffering will exist as long as there is the pursuit of craving. It is in the intensity of living in the present, without the hindrance of conformity or escape, that there comes an ecstasy, an everlasting happiness, which to me is the blessedness of truth.

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In talking to groups of listeners all over the world, I find that more and more people seem not to understand what I am saying, because they come with fixed ideas;
One of the major causes of contradiction is ideals.
Most of us think one to be very serious when one is following a certain principle, a belief, an idea, or a formula;
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What really awakens intelligence is action without the fear of not adjusting oneself to a standard or an ideal.
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