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Group Discussion 30th December, 1947 | Madras, India

You want to know what will happen when you feel that you are 'the whole'. Feeling as 'the whole' comes perhaps later. But first, you are nothing and you are not concerned with what comes after. If you are concerned with what is beyond the nothingness, it means you are frightened of being nothing. 'Be nothing'. Life then becomes extraordinarily simple and beautiful. Being nothing, i.e. acknowledging 'what is', is one of the most difficult tasks because mind does not like it, because it is afraid of being nothing, i.e. of having no security. But the moment you 'are nothing', you love; till then, you do not know what it means to love; till then, you have the resistance of responsibility, of duty and marrying off. If you love you wife really, you will love your children. Then you would see how they are to be taught and by whom they are to be taught. Because you love them, you want to see that they are the best human beings, not that you would compel them to any ideal. You do not realise what a revolution this will produce.

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Isn't there some further step than just this observation that you talk about?
It is the fear of being nothing that compels us to accumulate;
Every argument and gesture is the continuity of despair, sorrow and confusion. There is no end to it.
I am afraid we ordinary people also are trying in various ways to become something, but inwardly we are absolutely nothing.
Be what you are, whatever it is; and be aware of that. You will see an extraordinary transformation taking place immediately.
You ask me how you can feel as 'nothing' when you are constantly reminded by others that you are something.
When there is love there is no duty and no responsibility.
Some of you may feel that as your sons, brothers or husbands are not involved in this mass murder, called war, you are not immediately concerned with this problem, but if you will look a little more closely you will see how deeply you are involved.
Is not the judge often as guilty as the accused?
Wars do not come into being out of unknown causes, they have definite sources and those who wish to extricate themselves from this periodical madness called war must search out these causes and free themselves.
Each one of us is responsible for war for each one has brought about the present condition, consciously or unconsciously by his attitude towards life, by the false values he has given to existence.
As each one is responsible for the shaping of this culture, if each one does not radically transform himself then how can there be an end to this brutal world and its ways?
We are going to examine and understand this problem together, which means you are not going to become the listeners, the observers, and I the one who answers.
Surely, the responsibility for any crisis does not lie with another - it lies with you and me as individuals;
Question: What are the real causes of Mahatma Gandhi's untimely death?