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Ojai, California | 5th Public Talk 1945

Questioner: Can I find God in a foxhole?

Krishnamurti: A man who is seeking God will not be in a fox-hole. How false are the ways of our thinking. We create a false situation and in that hope to find truth; in the false we try to find the real. Happy is he who sees the false as the false and that which is true as true.

We have become perverted in the ways of our thinking-feeling. In sorrow we wish to find happiness; only in abandoning the cause of sorrow is there joy. You and the soldier have created a culture which forces you to murder and to be murdered, and in the midst of this cruelty you desire to find love. If you are seeking God you will not be in a foxhole but if you are there and seek Him you will know how to act. We justify murder and in the very act of murdering we try to find love. We create a society essentially based on sensate value, on worldliness, which necessitates the foxhole. We justify and condone the foxhole and then, in the foxhole or in the bomber, we hope to find God, love. Without fundamentally altering the structure of our thought-feeling, the Real is not to be found. Being envious, greedy and ignorant we want to be peaceful, tolerant and wise; with one hand we murder and with the other we pacify. It is this contradiction that must be understood; you cannot have both greed and peace, the foxhole and God; you cannot justify ignorance and yet hope for enlightenment.

The very nature of the self is to be in contradiction; and only when thought-feeling frees itself from its own opposing desires can there be tranquillity and joy. This freedom with its joy comes with deep awareness of the conflict of craving. When you become aware of the dual process of desire and are passively alert there is the joy of the Real, joy which is not the product of will or of time.

You cannot escape from ignorance at any time, it must be dis- pelled through your own awakening; none can awaken you save yourself. Through your own self-awareness does the problem of your making cease to be.

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That which is achieved through the cultivation of the opposites is still within the opposite, though one may think that the state one has achieved has transcended the opposites.
Questioner: Last Sunday I understood from what you said that we do not take time from our jobs, family, activities, to study ourselves. This seems a contradiction of your former statement that one can be aware in everything one does.
The more you comprehend yourself and so bring about right thinking the less you will find that there is any tendency, any ignorance, any force within you that cannot be transcended.
The very nature of the self is to create contradiction.
We are ever-changing contradictory thoughts-feelings: love and hate, peace and passion, intelligence and ignorance.
We have to think of our existence as a whole, as a total process, and not as many unrelated processes at different levels.
When right thinking comes into being, there is no contradiction.
Sirs, how very respectful you are to me, and how very cruel you are to your servant, to your wife, to your neighbours?
Contradiction is when I do not see clearly, when choice comes into action.
It is a fallacy to think that there can be no radical transformation in the world unless there is mass action.
You cannot call yourself a nationalist and at the same time talk of peace.
Contradiction is one of the hindrances to transformation as it will not allow any moment of full attention on something directly.
If you do not see any contradiction, it does not mean that there is no contradiction.
That is the nature of belief: taking for granted, accepting something to be true when your own enquiry, your own vitality, energy, has not found out, you believe.
Do you agree with the teachings of Buddha?
By studying what we consider important in life, those things which we have accepted - the values, the standards, the beliefs, the innumerable things that we hold - by examining them, perhaps we shall find out the ways of our own thinking and thereby know ourselves.
Reforms are made only because of the need for adjustment between the mind and the environment, not because the mind pierces through the environment, and therefore understands it.
If you say you are seeking truth, you will become a prisoner to illusion, for truth can not be run after, searched out; it must happen.
The only actuality, the only reality that we can fully comprehend, is this confusion, this misery, this conflict, and to escape from this is but to create illusion.
Whatever effort the mind makes to rid itself of certain qualities, it is still caught up in ignorance;
If we recognise we are blind, we would be careful and would not make any dogmatic assertion about anything.