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Early Writings, Volume VII | Talks at Adyar, India 1932-33

To me, self-discipline is the very antithesis of the fruition of life. Why are you disciplining yourself? Why should you discipline yourself? You first create division in thought, through craving, and then you seek to discipline the lower by the higher. You are thereby merely conforming to an established idea of right and wrong. Your self-discipline is born of fear, of acquisition and where there is greed, fear, acquisition, there can not be true discernment. How can you discern that which is true and lasting if your mind is always concerned with a future want, or impeded in its perception by the past. There is an utter absence of the true value of life, there is a false evaluation, as long as the mind is caught up in the division created through want.

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One of the major causes of contradiction is ideals.
All action born of a closed mind and heart must create conflict and suffering.
One is wholly uncertain; or else one is so hedged about, bound by particular concepts and forms of belief, that one refuses to consider what is really true.
Most of us, if we really think about it intelligently, honestly, will see that our thoughts and feelings usually spring from various standardized patterns, whether they be ideals or principles.
We are not able to perceive because our opinions about ourselves, our fears, ideals, beliefs, hopes, traditions, all these act as veils.
The man who has committed himself to a particular path or action is caught up in systems and he will not find truth.
The more convictions you have the more enclosed you are.
With regard to every subject, you are misinformed, you are badly educated and badly conditioned; and you try to interpret life through this misinformation.