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Auckland, New Zealand | 1st Public Talk 28th March, 1934

Please bear this in mind - that I am not giving a new system of philosophy. I think these systems are cages for the mind to be caught up in. They do not help man, they are merely hindrances. These systems are a means of exploitation. Whereas, if you as individuals begin to question, you will see that in that questioning you create conflict, and out of the conflict you will understand - not in the mere acceptance of a new system which is merely another soporific which puts you to sleep and turns you into another machine.

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Individually, we feel we have but to wait, let things take their natural course, and by some extraordinary means a new world will come into being.
The exploiter is the individual who uses you consciously or unconsciously, and you yield to him consciously or unconsciously, because you do not understand;
Question: Is it possible to live without exploitation, individual and commercial?
Most people, after hearing me, say that I have only given them vague ideas which are not at all practical.
You are not going to miss a spiritual opportunity by not coming here.
Question: You have talked of exploitation as being evil. Do you not also exploit?
We give so much importance to outward exploitation; the communist, the socialist, everybody is trying to stop outward exploitation. It does not mean that that is wrong; but we should attack the inward causes of exploitation, which are much more complex, much more subtle, and that cannot be done through mere legislation.