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Ojai, California | 7th Talk in the Oak Grove 17th May, 1936

Question: If we are not to have ideals, if we must be rid of the desire to improve ourselves, to serve God and our less fortunate fellow-beings, what then is the purpose of living? Why not just die and be done with it?

Krishnamurti: What I have said concerning ideals is this: that they become a convenient means of escape from the conflict of life, and thus they prevent the comprehension of oneself. I have never said that you must not help your less fortunate fellow-beings. Now, ideals act merely as standards of measure; and as life defies measurement, mind must free itself from ideals so that it may comprehend the movement of life. Ideals are impediments, hindrances. Instead of merely accepting what I say and therefore saying to yourself that you must not have ideals, discern for yourself whether they do not cloud your comprehension. When the mind frees itself from preconceptions, explanations and definitions, then it is able to confront the cause of its own suffering, its own ignorance and its own limited existence. So the mind must be concerned with suffering itself, and not with what it can get out of life. The mere pursuit of ideals, the craving for happiness, the search for truth, God, is an indication of escape from the movement of life. Do not concern yourself with what is the object of living, but become aware and discern the cause of suffering; and in the dissolution of that cause there is the comprehension of what is.

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In talking to groups of listeners all over the world, I find that more and more people seem not to understand what I am saying, because they come with fixed ideas;
One of the major causes of contradiction is ideals.
Most of us think one to be very serious when one is following a certain principle, a belief, an idea, or a formula;
Faced by conflict, confusion and misery, you break away from conformity, from imitation, in which lies insincerity, falseness, and you begin to think for yourself, thus increasing the conflict.
Ideals are merely illusions which give you hope and encouragement to avoid the present.
Most minds are pursuing the authority of beliefs and ideals, because they do not want to comprehend the present;
We have built up through many centuries an environment of such illusions as authority, imitativeness, beliefs, ideals, which give us the opportunity of subtle escape.
What really awakens intelligence is action without the fear of not adjusting oneself to a standard or an ideal.
All ideals are foolery and without much significance for a thoughtful man.
Will the screen of ideals help me to understand my arrogance, my violence, my evil?
If you have no ideals, will you collapse, will you become immoral?