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Santiago, Chile | 2nd Public Talk 7th September, 1935

Question: What is to be understood by God? Is he a personal Being who guides the universe, or is God a cosmic Principle?

Krishnamurti: May I ask why you want to know? Either you desire to be strengthened further in your beliefs, or you are seeking from me a means of escape from sorrow and conflict. If you are asking for confirmation, then there is doubt, which must not be allayed; you never ask another whether you are in love. And if anyone were to describe reality, it would no longer be real. How can you describe to one who has not known it, what it is to be in love?

Now I say there is a reality; it cannot be measured by words. You cannot be aware of that reality if there is fear, if there are limitations that destroy the delicate pliability of the mind and heart. So instead of inquiring what God is, find out whether your mind and heart are enslaved by fear which creates illusion and limitation. When the mind and heart free themselves from those self-imposed projections, then in fulfilment there is the understanding of that which is.

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It is odd what importance we give to the printed word, to so-called sacred books.
The religious mind is really a scientific mind - scientific in the sense that it is able to observe facts without distortion, to see itself as it is.
Man has always sought something beyond the physical existence. He has always searched, asked, suffered, tortured himself, to find out if there is something which is not of time, which is not of thought, which is not belief or faith.
Anyone who tries to imagine what God is, what truth is, is but seeking an escape, a shelter from the daily routine of conflict.
Why do we try to find out if there is a God ...? Is it not because we feel the insufficiency of living?
Question: Is there God?
Question: Do you believe in God?
To speculate and intellectually draw conclusions as to whether God exists or not has to me no deep significance.
To us, God is the ultimate continuance and Death the ultimate denial of continuance.
We do not know what God is, what Death is, and what Love is.
God is something extraordinary and immeasurable; and it is fantastic to say that he speaks through somebody or is interested in any particular person.