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Early Writings, Volume VII | Talks at the Ojai Camp 1932

Question: When the ego is dissipated, when the sense of separateness no longer exists and there is only "the One", when Life just is, what is it that is aware of this?

Krishnamurti: When the ego is dissipated, you will know about it. When you have dissolved the sense of separateness, when you have freed yourself from all craving, you will know that there is not "The One". There is something else. You are again trying to imagine what Truth is. You say Life is or is not; that it is unity, it is "the One". I assure you, you cannot possibly conceive of what this ecstasy is, or even what it is like; you cannot possibly think of it, because what you think of is outside of your mind, and your mind is merely an observer. Mind becomes a mindedness, so it cannot conceive. When a mind has lost the capacity to be mindful of itself, then it shall know. Intellectually you think of what Truth is; from reading and listening, you form a conception of it, and try to mould your life according to that conception, according to that image.

If I may be personal, I never imagined what Truth was, I never craved to possess it. How can you want something when you do not know what it is? But I knew the things which were binding me, crippling my thought, my emotions, wasting my energy. I knew that which it is quite easy to know. So, through the process of freeing myself from craving, the cause of many hindrances, I know what Truth is; but if someone had told me what it was, and I had imagined it and moulded my life to that idea, it would not have been Truth, and it would have been a dead thing, an achievement turned to ashes. And that is what you are trying to do. Your whole structure of thought is based on acquisition and imitation, and therefore your achievement are but ashes, nothing but emptiness, and but few see the misery of it.

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