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Rosario and Mendoza, Argentina | Public Talks 27th and 28th July, 25th and 27th August, 1935

Question: What do you think of your enemies, the priests, and the vested interests which in Argentina have prevented the broadcasting of your lectures?

Krishnamurti: To regard anyone as an enemy is a great folly. Either one understands and so helps, or one does not understand and so hinders. The diffusion of that which is intelligent can only be hindered by stupidity. Each one of you has vested interests to which you are clinging, and which by continual thought and action you are increasing. If one attacks your particular vested interest, your immediate response is to be on the defensive and to retaliate. A man who has something to guard. something to protect, is ever in fear, and so acts most cruelly and thoughtlessly; but a man who has really nothing to lose, because he has accumulated nothing, has no fear; he lives completely, truly fulfilling.

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The individual, through search for his own security, has created through many centuries a system based on acquisitiveness, fear and exploitation.
If you are aware you will realize that your mind is constantly engaged in the activities of the ego and its identification; if you pursue this activity further you will find the deep seated self-interest.