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Ommen Camp, Holland | 2nd Public Talk 3rd August, 1937

There are two ways of thinking. One is through mere intellectual stimulation, without any emotional content; but when the emotions are deeply stirred, there is an integral thought process which is not superficial, intellectual. This integral thought-emotion alone can bring about lasting comprehension and action.

If what I am saying acts merely as a stimulation, then there arises the question of how to apply it to your daily life with its pains and conflicts. The how, the method, becomes all important only when explanations and stimulations are urging you to a particular action. The how, the method, ceases to be important only when you are aware, integrally.

When the mind reveals to itself its own efforts of fears and wants, then there arises integral awareness of its own impermanency which alone can set the mind free from its binding labours. Unless this is taking place, all stimulation becomes further bondage.

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Thinking and feeling are to me the same, because I have lost the distinction of what you call thought and emotion.
when thought, which is emotion, which is action itself, is unimpeded in its movement, is not compelled or influenced or bound by an idea, and does not proceed from the background of tradition or habit, then that movement is creative.
True search can begin only when we do not separate mind from emotion.
Desire is not emotion; desire is the result of a mind that is ever seeking satisfaction, whose values are based on satisfaction.
Only in deep emotion is there no craving for satisfaction.
Desire and emotion are two different and distinct processes; desire being entirely of the mind, and emotion the integral expression of one's whole being.
A mind-heart that is burdened with the memory of yesterday cannot live in the eternal present.
What is awareness? There is objective awareness. Then, there is the emotional response to each other or to truth.
What is the necessary impetus to bring about a revolution leading to individual action?
Are emotions the instruments of transformation?
When you ask how [to get rid of fear], how to break down habits, you are really approaching it from outside, intellectually, and so your question has no significance.
Does not the inner motive, private thought-feeling always determine the outer?
If you are interested to think out one thought fully, experiment with writing out the thoughts that arise; just put them down on paper, and then observe what you have written.