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Early Writings, Volume VII | Talks at Adyar, India 1932-33

Question: Does not your teaching amount to this, that all individuals should dehumanize themselves? Are you not teaching super-atheism and super-selfishness?

Krishnamurti: Do you think that you are supreme human beings now and that I am trying dehumanize you? If you do, then you should rebel against my teaching, but I am afraid you are too docile, both in your agreement and disapproval.

Who is the consummate human being? The man who lives happily, spontaneously, with joy and ecstasy in his mind and heart, free of this incessant struggle after security, economic and spiritual, which but makes him a cog in a mundane or in a spiritual machine. He is the man who has realized the freedom of complete action through understanding the true value of all that makes up his mental and emotional life.

I do not ask you to dehumanize yourself. I am not preaching super-atheism or super-selfishness. On the contrary, I say, Become supremely human, natural, spontaneous, intense. You are caught up in the vortex of incessant struggle, suffering conformity and hypocrisy. You can be free of selfishness, of that egotism with all its innumerable illusions, only through the discovery of the right value of all human experiences. For that you must have a mind and heart free from the urge of grasping, of achievement, which create the hindrances and the many false illusions.

If you understood me with your mind and heart, then there would be action and no discussion; and there would be no compromise. You would not then talk of "your path" and "my path". To me, there is no path. Where there is conformity there must be sorrow, for conformity is born of fear. Because of the lack of true intelligence there is the continuance of that sterility which you call self-discipline. To realize the ecstasy of living, to be free of this sorrow, become aware of the cause of hindrance which is conformity, acquisition and search for power.

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