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Public Talk, February 1st, 1948 | Mumbai, India

So, it is you who are the real cause of [Gandhi's] murder; it is you who have brought about this killing of man by man. You accept organized murder on a grand scale as a fair means during war, but when it is done to one person, you are horrified. Is it not true, Sir, that you as an individual have lost all sensitivity, all sense of real values and of the significance of existence? To understand this question, we have to transform ourselves radically, because that is what is needed to revolutionize absolutely our ways of thinking and feeling and acting. You want to bring about a revolution merely in action, which has no meaning at all; because without a revolution in you and in your feeling, you cannot produce a revolution in action; you cannot produce a revolution except individually.

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Every habit, repetition, rituals strengthened by belief and dogma, sensory responses, can be and are refined, but the alert awareness, sensitivity, is quite another matter.
The highest form of sensitivity is the highest intelligence, and no drug ever invented by man will give this intelligence.
Sensitivity in its highest form is intelligence.
Organized murder is war, and though we demonstrate against a particular war, the nuclear, or any other kind of war, we have never demonstrated against war.
We can talk about tolerance, which is an intellectual invention to keep you where you are and to keep me where I am, and try to be friendly.
Everyone is caught up in suffering and conflict, but most people are unconscious of that conflict;
If we can understand the fundamental cause of our action and free it from its limitations, then action will inevitably bring about intelligence and co-operation in the world.
Most of us are so callous about everything, about life itself, that we would rather discuss what is self-knowledge than be aware.
In daily life, if you watch yourself you will find that you are not sensitive.