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Early Writings, Volume VII | Talks at the Ojai Camp 1932

Question: I have read The Kingdom of Happiness and Life in Freedom many times; also The Immortal Friend and The Search. These writings inspire me; they teach and point the way that I myself must journey. I know I must make this effort alone, but these writings bring a sweet peace to me. Your later writings now appearing in the Star Bulletin seem colder, more abstract and lacking in the sweetness of the four books I mentioned. Am I failing to keep abreast?

Krishnamurti: I am afraid you are. You dislike to be made uncomfortable, to think and feel for yourself. You like to worship a picture, read a familiar book, because it cannot contradict you, but you abhor a living contradiction. You prefer to be a disciple rather than life itself, which is a changeless change. If you cling to books they will have no value. You cannot know the blessedness of truth by being mentally stimulated or emotionally stirred. You have to become alive, watchful, aware. Most people are continually trying to avoid facing their own emptiness. They are trying to avoid the solution of their own problems through an escape such as worship, intellectually pursuing an idea, or seeking emotional excitement. Whereas, you can realize lasting harmony only through penetrating your own loneliness.

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