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Brockwood Park, England | Krishnamurti Foundation Trust, Bulletin 40

So can one have an insight into aggression? - not the remembrance or implication of it, which means constant examination, coming to a conclusion and acting according to that conclusion - that is not insight. But if one has an immediate insight into it, then one has broken the whole pattern of aggression.

So what will you do about the way you are living: the everlasting going to meetings, discussions with philosophers, and the latest psychologists? One never says. " Look, I am like this, let me find out why. Why does one have wounds, psychological bruises? Why does someone live with them?"

Tags: honesty, innocence

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Can there be honesty - that is, clear insight, seeing things as they are - if there is a principle, an ideal, an ennobled formula?
There is no such thing in life as comfort and security.
If you seek consolation, be honest, be frank, be aware of what you want and conscious that you are seeking it.
Is this not applicable to you?
The very recognition of the fact that we are hypocrites or exploiters will bring about an instantaneous change in our actions.
You cannot escape from experiences, but they need not take root in the mind.
There was complete emptiness of the brain, and the mind was free of all experience, the knowing of yesterday, though a thousand yesterdays have been.
Without innocence, it is impossible to be happy.
Most of us do not want to die to anything, particularly to that which gives us pleasure, to the memory of things that we have known and cherished.
It is only the innocent mind that can be spontaneous.
To look at a flower or a marvellous cloud, you must have a clear, unspotted eye, an eye that has lived and seen a thousand experiences and yet is free of all experience;
That which has continuity cannot possibly be innocent.
To understand truth, God, the unknown, or whatever name you care to give to it, mind and heart must come unprepared, insecure.