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Ojai, California | Fifth Talk in The Oak Grove, 1946

Questioner: We must not criticize then if we are to be aware?

Krishnamurti: Without probing deeply into oneself, self-knowledge is not possible. What do we mean by self-criticism? The function of the mind is to probe and to comprehend. Without this probing into ourselves, without this deep awareness, there can be no understanding. We often indulge in the stupidity of criticizing others, but few are capable of probing deeply into themselves. The function of the mind is not only to probe, to delve, but also to be silent. In silence there is comprehension. We are ever probing but we are rarely silent; in us rarely are there alert, passive intervals of tranquillity; we probe and are soon weary of it without the creative silence. But self-probing is as essential for the clarity of understanding as is stillness. As the earth is allowed to lie fallow during the winter, so must thought be still after deep searching. This very fallowness is its renewal. If we delve deeply into ourselves and are still, then in this stillness, in this openness, there is understanding.

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