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Ojai, California | Third Talk in The Oak Grove, 1946

Questioner: What is there to prove that the perpetuation of the self is in itself bad?

Krishnamurti: Nothing at all, if we are satisfied with it and unaware of the issues of life, but we are all in comparative strife and sorrow. Some cover up their pains or escape from them. They have not resolved their confusion and misery.

Realizing our state of self-contradiction and its painful conflicts, we want to find the right way of transcending it; for in incompleteness there is no peace. Is it not the very nature of the self, at all times, to be contradictory? This contradiction breeds conflict, confusion, and enmity. Craving, the very basis of the self, is ever unfulfilled; in trying to overcome incompleteness, man is ever in conflict within and without. Those who are in earnest must discover for themselves the truth about incompleteness. This discovery does not depend on any authority or formula nor on the acquisition of knowledge. To discover truth we must be passively aware. Since we are afraid and enclosed we must be aware of the causes that create resistance, of the desire for self-perpetuation which creates conflict.

Questioner: What happens to that self-perpetuating intelligence when a soldier in battle throws himself in front of a gun to save another?

Krishnamurti: Probably at the moment of great tension the soldier forgets himself, but is that a recommendation for war?

Questioner: Do we not hear that war brings out noble, self-sacrificing qualities?

Krishnamurti: Through a wrong act, the killing of another, can a right, worthy end be realized?

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