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Varanasi, India | 5th Public Talk, 1962

Questioner: Is the fact different from the mind which interferes?

Krishnamurti: The lady asks, is the fact different from the interference? Now, do think it out. I am not a Delphic oracle.

Is the fact different from interference? Are they not all in the same field, on the same ground? Is not the fact a part of the mind? I am jealous - it is part of the mind. And also it is part of the mind that says, 'Do not be jealous, be virtuous, whatever it is. Jealousy is hate, so you must love; therefore wipe out jealousy'. Do you follow? I am jealous, and a part of the interference is that I must not be jealous. They are both within the some field. No? The fact is not outside the field of the mind. It is still within the field of the mind, as interference is still within the field of the mind. But with us, the interferences have become tremendously strong and important, and they interfere with the fact. We have emphasized the interferences and not the fact.

Now, is it possible not to allow the interferences at all to come into play? I say it is possible, but only when you have understood the whole question of interference. The question is this. There is the fact, there is the interference and there is the attempt to understand the interference. Now the fact, the interference and the urge to understand the interference in order to face the fact - all these arise only when I want to face the fact. If I allowed interferences to play all the time as I do, then, there is no fact, and I live with the interferences.

I have said, 'Face the fact, do not let interferences interfere, but be aware of the interferences'. So, there are three problems - the fact, the interference, and being aware of the interference. All the three are in the same field. They are not in separate watertight compartments, they are all in the same field and on the same ground. Watch it. Please follow it carefully. Experiment with this - which is, be totally aware of all this, aware of the fact, aware of the interference and aware that there is no understanding of the fact if there is interference. Be totally aware of all that, aware of the significance; then, you are getting the meaning of all the three, because in that total awareness there is no division.

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