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Alpino, Italy | 3rd Public Talk, 6th July, 1933

To understand incompleteness and its cause you must find out why you seek a goal. Why do you work towards a goal? Why do you want to discipline yourself according to a pattern? Because the incompleteness, of which you are more or less conscious, gives rise to continued effort, continued struggle, from which mind tries to escape by establishing the authority of a comforting ideal which it hopes will serve as a guide. Thereby action in itself has no significance; it becomes merely a steppingstone towards an end, a goal. In your search for truth you use action merely as a means towards an end, and the significance of action is lost. You make great effort to attain a goal, and the importance of your action lies in the end which it achieves - not in the action itself.

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Our very search for the understanding of life, for the meaning of life, our struggle to comprehend the whole substance of life or to find out what truth is, destroys our understanding.
Every struggle, every effort to attain liberation indicates an escape from the present.
You cannot find truth, you cannot find God, because your search is but an escape from fear, your search is but a desire for a culmination.
The beginning and the end, the "you" and the goal, are the results of this self-protective mind.
To find action without strife, there must be no actor; and there is no actor only when there is no end in view.