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Alpino, Italy | 2nd Public Talk, 4th July, 1933

When we consider growth or evolution as a series of achievements, naturally our actions are never complete; they are always growing from the lower to the higher, always climbing, advancing. Therefore, if we live under that conception, our action enslaves us; our action is a constant, ceaseless, infinite effort, and that effort is always turned toward a security. Naturally, when there is this search for security, there is fear, and this fear creates the continual consciousness of what we call the 'I'. Isn't that so? The minds of most of us are caught up in this idea of achievement, attainment, climbing higher and higher, that is, in the idea of choosing between the essential and the unessential. And since this choice, this advancement which we call action, is but a ceaseless struggle, a continual effort, our lives are also a ceaseless effort and not a free, spontaneous flow of action.

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Action born of self-discipline, action born of fear or of the desire for achievement, is the cause of incompleteness.
You may strive for [that] spiritual height; but I assure you that, though you may appear to attain it, you will still experience the feeling of emptiness.