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Early Writings, Volume VII | Talks at Adyar, India 1932-33

To free the mind of the past, become fully aware that you are a prisoner, and in that continual awareness you will no longer try to escape, you will no longer seek a solution, a way out. Thus you will begin to destroy the walls of the many illusions that hold you, the false values that cripple your mind and heart.

Through awareness your past memories and past hindrances will come into activity without your analyzing the sub-conscious, without your delving into the past, and through the completeness of your action in the present you will dissolve them.

So as long mind and heart are crippled by the incompleteness of action, which creates the past and the future, and the sense of "I", there cannot be the true understanding of life, nor the fullness of living in the present, which alone is eternity.

One must become fully aware of the hindrances, and out of this awareness there is born true intelligence which no longer seeks and escape; then there is harmony, the true spontaneity of action. But now you are trying merely to accumulate knowledge or experience, and you hope through this to come to the full realization of truth.

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