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Bombay, India | Sixth Public Talk, January 10, 1960

What is important, surely, is to observe the fact and not cling to opinions or merely discuss the symbol which represents the fact. Do you understand, sirs? The symbol is the word. Take death. The word death is the symbol used to convey all the implications of the fact - fear, sorrow, the extraordinary sense of loneliness, of emptiness, of littleness and isolation, of deep, abiding frustration. With the word death we are all familiar, but very few of us ever see the implications of that fact. We almost never look into the face of death and understand the extraordinary things that are implied in it. We prefer to escape through the belief in a world hereafter, or we cling to the theory of reincarnation. We have these comforting explanations, a veritable multitude of ideas, of assertions and denials, with all the symbols and myths that go with them. Do watch yourselves, sirs. This is a fact.

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