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Public Talk 29th February, 1948 | Mumbai, India

... what is the thing implied in reincarnation? What is the thing that reincarnates? You understand what is meant by reincarnation: coming back over and over again in different forms at different times. What is this continuous quality that comes into rebirth? There are only two possibilities: either that thing called the soul, the `I', is a spiritual entity, or it is merely a bundle of my memories, my characteristics, my tendencies, my unfulfilled desires, my achievements, and so on. We are looking into the problem, we are not taking sides; therefore we are not defending anything. A man who is on the defensive will never know what is truth. He will find that which he defends, and that which he defends is no longer the truth; it is his own inclination, his own bias, his own prejudice.

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In Asia they believe in reincarnation; that is, the believer is born over and over again until in time he becomes perfect.
What is death, what does it mean to die? - and that is an absolute certainty that we are all going to die, and what does that mean?
Some people believe that the "I" has had a birth in the distant past and will continue in the future. It is irrelevant to me, it has no significance at all.
Question: Do you believe in reincarnation? Is it a fact? Can you give us proof from your personal experience?
Question: Will I reincarnate on earth in a future life?
Thought cannot escape from its limited action and reaction until it understands deeply and fully the cause and the process of its own bondage.
The mind can deceive itself and fabricate anything it wishes.
Question: What is true and what is false in the theory of reincarnation?
As thought is the process of time, as thought is founded on the past, for thought to speculate about the timeless is utterly meaningless.
So, I want to know if the 'I' continues. The 'I', which is a total process, a psychological as well as physiological process, which is with the body and also apart from the body - I want to know if that 'I' continues, if it comes into being after this physical existence ends