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Public Talk 22nd February, 1948 | Mumbai, India

. . .to choose one of the contradictions is to avoid direct action, because choice at all times is a process of the avoidance of action. That is, if I choose one of the contradictions, peace, and do not understand its opposite, conflict, then such choice leads to inaction. It is not choice, but right thinking, that brings about integration. Where there is right thinking, contradictions are not possible; when we know how to think rightly, contradiction will cease. So, we have to find out what is right thinking, and not be caught in choice between good and evil, between war and peace, between riches and poverty, between freedom and regimentation. When right thinking comes into being, there is no contradiction. Contradiction is the very nature of the self, the seat of desire. So, to understand desire is the beginning of self-knowledge, and without self-knowledge, there is no right thinking. If I don't know myself, the total process of myself, not only at the economic level of everyday existence, but at the different psychological levels, then I live in a state of contradiction; and to choose one of the opposites does not bring about integration. We see contradiction about us and in our lives, there is a constant battle of choice between right and wrong; and we choose one of the opposites, yet that does not bring about peace, integration. So, to choose is to avoid action, and only right thinking can bring about integration.

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Can you rely on your experience? Because, when you choose, your choice is based on desire; what you call essential is that which gives you satisfaction.
To understand every mood, every sense of reaction, surely one must be aware without choice because the moment we choose, we set into motion a process of conflict.
As long as we have choice, we are really not free and we are not really individuals.
Awareness does not result from the struggle to be aware; it comes of its own accord when you are conscious with your whole being, when you realize the futility of choice.
Creation is choiceless, as life is choiceless, as understanding is choiceless.
In action born of choice there is no discernment, choice being calculation, a remembrance of incomplete action.
Will is the outcome of the conflict of choice, but discernment is choiceless.
Karma, or the limitation of action in the present, is created through impeded consciousness of values, ideals, hopes which each one has not wholly understood.
Choice in action creates duality, and this affirms the process of consciousness as individuality.
You think you are able to choose between the false and the true.
To renounce is to acquire and acquisition is the seed of conflict.
Question: Are we not always in daily life, if we are intelligent, making a choice?
You can only understand acquisitiveness, or any other problem, in its isolation, not by bringing it into comparison, into opposition.
That which is achieved through the cultivation of the opposites is still within the opposite, though one may think that the state one has achieved has transcended the opposites.
Questioner: Last Sunday I understood from what you said that we do not take time from our jobs, family, activities, to study ourselves. This seems a contradiction of your former statement that one can be aware in everything one does.
The more you comprehend yourself and so bring about right thinking the less you will find that there is any tendency, any ignorance, any force within you that cannot be transcended.
Happy is he who sees the false as the false and that which is true as true.
The very nature of the self is to create contradiction.
We are ever-changing contradictory thoughts-feelings: love and hate, peace and passion, intelligence and ignorance.
We have to think of our existence as a whole, as a total process, and not as many unrelated processes at different levels.
Sirs, how very respectful you are to me, and how very cruel you are to your servant, to your wife, to your neighbours?
Contradiction is when I do not see clearly, when choice comes into action.
It is a fallacy to think that there can be no radical transformation in the world unless there is mass action.
You cannot call yourself a nationalist and at the same time talk of peace.
Contradiction is one of the hindrances to transformation as it will not allow any moment of full attention on something directly.
If you do not see any contradiction, it does not mean that there is no contradiction.