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Ojai, California | 6th Public Talk 1945

Whether we are conscious of it or not, most of us are lonely; the more we are aware of it the more intense, burning and painful it becomes. The immature are easily satisfied in their emptiness but the more one is aware the greater is this problem. There is no escape from aching loneliness, nor is it to be overcome by thoughtlessness, by ignorance; ignorance, like superstition, yields a certain gratification but this only furthers conflict and sorrow. Most of us are intensely lonely and the anguish is penetrating and dulls the mind-heart. Its engulfing sorrow seems to spread endlessly and we seek constantly to escape from it, to cover it up, to fill this aching void consciously or unconsciously with hope and faith, with amusement and distraction. We try to cover up its anguish through activity, through the pleasure of knowledge, of belief, and of every form of addiction, religious and worldly. Our search for a refuge, for a comfort from this pain is endless; things, relationships and knowledge are,means of escape from the persistent anguish of loneliness. The movement from one escape to another is considered advancement; we condemn the man who fills this void with drink and amusement but the man who seeks a permanent escape, calling it noble, we consider worthy, spiritual.

Is there any enduring escape from this emptiness? We try various ways to fill the void but again and again we become aware of it. Do not all remedies however noble and gratifying merely avoid the problem? You may find temporary relief but anguish soon returns.

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What a strange thing is loneliness, and how frightening it is! We never allow ourselves to get too close to it; and if by chance we do, we quickly run away from it.
Loneliness is the awareness of complete isolation; and are not our activities self-enclosing?
Can the mind live, be vital, energetic, full of depth, without attachment? Of course it can.
When there is no naming, only then is it possible to be fully aware of that which is called the void of loneliness.
Feeling lonely, we attach ourselves to people, drink, and all sorts of other escapes. Attachment is an escape from loneliness.
Can thought realize that whatever it does is limited, fragmented and therefore isolating and that whatever it does will be thus?
You cannot accept my word for it: all you can say is that you do not know.
Question: What should one do to get rid of loneliness and fear?
Any process that leads to limitation, to resistance, to cutting oneself off, as it were, in an intellectual or an ideal state, is destructive of creative living.
There is only one fundamental problem, which expresses itself in many different ways.
To find the right and lasting answer to loneliness we must first cease to run away from it, and this is very difficult for thought is ever seeking a refuge, an escape.
The walls which you protect yourself with are built up of the value which you yourself have given to things.
Desire is the builder of the wall - desire for title, for bank account, for property, for family, for beliefs.
In your present state of psychological enclosure behind the wall of your sensate values, your talk of brotherhood has no meaning whatsoever.