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Early Writings, Volume VII | Talks at Adyar, India 1932-33

Wisdom is spontaneous, born of living, and has nothing whatever to do with theories, superficial knowledge or acquisition. Wisdom is as the running waters; it cannot be captured or acquired. Wisdom is true intelligence, and true intelligence is the discernment of right value. And you can discover right value only when the mind no longer seeks acquisition or conformity.

Let me take an instance and you will see what I mean. Suppose that you are suffering intensely because of the death of someone, or because someone does not love you. In that suffering you seek happiness, consolation. Therefore you readily accept any theory, any consolation that another has to offer. If, however, you are not seeking happiness as the opposite to your suffering, then you examine impersonally and critically whatever comes before you and thereby discover the true value of each experience, each gift of life. In thus meeting every incident of life with your whole being, not seeking satisfaction or consolation, intelligence is born.

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