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Early Writings, Volume VII | Talks at Adyar, India 1932-33

Suppose someone dies whom you greatly love. There is an intensity of suffering. What is your immediate longing? You want to be happy, find something that will give you satisfaction, peace, forgetfulness of your great sorrow. So either you lose yourself in chasing after pleasure, or in the search of a comforting system or theory. Thereby you are merely seeking an escape from the central struggle of sorrow, and in that escape you create new problems which have no intrinsic significance.

Whereas, if you live intensely and contact every experience fully, every incident of life with your whole being, you will no longer seek an escape; thus you will discover for yourself the true significance of each experience, each incident of life. So in the depth of your own intelligence you discover the cause of suffering.

The cause of suffering is the incompleteness of mind and heart in action. Now your mind is burdened with memory, with fear leading to conformity, with the emptiness of incomplete action. You do not live fully in an experience, because your mind and heart are crippled by tradition and hope of a future. Take any action in your life now, and observe what happens to your thinking and feeling. You are either conforming to a future through ideals, or you are limited by a past tradition, belief or memory; and naturally, in this bondage, you cannot understand the significance of the present with its reactions and the the impact of its experiences. You can live in that reality which is ever the present, only when the mind and heart are free of the past and the future.

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