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Early Writings, Volume VII | Radio Talks, USA and Canada 1932

You desire to solve your economic difficulties by a miracle. You have built up a system through centuries, based on competition and selfishness. Now you must aim, not at the substitution of one system for another, but at a complete reorientation of your own minds and hearts. You have set up innumerable authorities, religious teachers, gods, for your worship. Individually, in the field of thought, you have become as lambs; but in working for your living, like so many wolves.

It is of the utmost importance that you go to the root of the problem. That is, in the field of thinking and feeling you must set not set up another as a guide, but be integrally alone; whereas in work you must plan together collectively for your living. Therein lies the remedy. It is by the expression of individuality in its rightful place that you can find freedom, which is truth; and in the realization of that truth you will solve your social and economic problems. By merely trimming the branches of the tree you will not end your trouble, but if you properly nourish the roots, the branches will be healthy and abundant. So work for the change of heart and mind individually, and then these problems will solve themselves.

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