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Poona, India | 7th Public Talk 10th October, 1948

I assure you that a miracle can take place when you are willing to receive it, when you are willing to look at things really as they are. Do not deceive yourself by giving explanations, by justifying yourself, but see yourself as you are - and discover what an extraordinary thing takes place. I assure you regeneration comes when you are not looking to time as a means of transforming yourself. Only then is there transformation, and the miracle is not far. But you are so sluggish, so unwilling, so empty handed even in your suffering! Sir, the rain falls and gives nourishment to the earth, the trees, the flowers; but if that rain falls on a rock, does it do any good? You are like the rock; your heart and minds are dull, you are empty and hard, and no amount of rain can wash that away.

What will change your hard heart is to see things as they are; do not condemn, do not find an excuse for them, but recognize, look at them - and you will see a miracle. When you see and acknowledge that your heart is hard, your mind full of childish toys - when you recognize it, you will see a transformation take place. But, to look to see, to observe, you must have that intention. Sirs, look at you: some are yawning, some are twiddling their thumbs, some are cleaning their glasses. Do you think a miracle can happen to you? Do you think a miracle can happen when you are secure, when you have money? When your hands are full of money, it cannot happen.

You must let go, you must be willing to let go, then the miracle can happen. You must be aware of yourself as you are, simply, constantly and directly, with all your ugliness, your cheerfulness, your brutality, joy and suffering. As you become aware you will see a miracle happening that you would never have suspected, a miracle that is truth, that transforms, that liberates.

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