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Early Writings, Volume VII | Talks at Adyar, India 1932-33

Question: The German philosopher Keyserling, in reviewing a book concerning you written by Carlo Suares, has gained an impression that your ideas are a form of Russian atheism. We feel you have nothing in common with such a negative conception. Could you kindly tell us something of your realization of the mystery called God?

Krishnamurti: Man has created God out of his own image, out of the ideas he has gathered from sacred books, from philosophers and mystics, out of his own imagination sustained by his prejudices, his suffering, his search for comfort, his longings, hopes and anticipations.

I cannot describe to you God or life; were I to describe that living reality, it would not be true. That which is ever-living, ever-moving, ever-renewing itself, cannot be molded by words. It has to be realized, it must be felt, understood, lived. All definition, all description, cannot contain it.

I say that there is an eternal, living reality, call it by what name you will, God, truth, love or action. But it cannot be described, it cannot be measured in words.

You seek to know through words what God is, what truth is - that exquisite, untranslatable, inexpressible reality - so that you can escape from your own conflict in life. Because you seek God as a means of escape, your conception of him is naturally unreal, as it must conform to your prejudices. What is preconceived by the mind, limited by bias, must essentially be false. How can you while in conflict, in struggle, in sorrow, understand that reality, the realization of which is possible only with the cessation of the cause of conflict? Now you merely seek the experience of another and try to live in it. He who tries to describe that living reality can but limit and pervert his own realization. I say through understanding alone will come the cessation of conflict and the realization of truth.

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